5 Easy Hacks That Will Change Your College Career

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

As young adults in the college world we know that attending a university is filled with endless meetings, countless hours of studying, and a whole ball of stress. Stick it to the man with these 5 easy college hacks that will cut the time you spend on college in half.

1. Dictate Your Paper
This is 2015 y'all, it is time we start using the technology we have been blessed with! Some of us do not write essays well and I have found a solution. Voice-To-Text technology will save your life. Dictate your paper to your computer and let your computer do the writing! Yes, it's bit of a one-way conversation but you're paper will get written so much quicker! All you have to do is spell check and grammar check.

2. Record Your Classroom Lectures
Every phone, computer, or tablet has the ability to record. Record what your teacher is saying so when you are stuck on the homework later you will know what to do! I recommend video recording math so you can see the problems, but any other class you can create a voice memo. Some of you might think thats lame but you can be so sly about it. Just keep your phone on the desk and no one will ever know. Plus studies show that if you hear something twice you will be more likely to remember it.

3. Read Your Notes Line By Line
Repetition is the key to drilling a skill or lesson into your brain. Don't tell yourself that you ar going to study chemistry for two hours. Tell yourself you're going to read all of your notes, line by line three times. That might take two hours or it might take less, either way you will retain more material through repetition.

4. Write Down as Much Information as You Can Before the Test
They say cramming is bad, but a mini cram session before your next test can't hurt. Write down all the information you know on an index card as if you are going to use it on the test. Your card should include formulas, definitions, practice problems, and concepts. Anything at all that you can remember.

5. Turn Off Your Social Media Sites and STUDY
You can literally turn them off. There is a program called ColdTurkey for PCs and SelfControl for Macs. These programs will block any website you tell it too for a certain period of time which you can dedicate to studying. I recommend planning your week out and setting specific study times so you can preplan your programming.

**Small life hack: Times New Roman is the fastest font to read**

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