5 Fast Food Items I Will Never Give Up

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Fast food is the most complicated romance of all time. Their are many factors that butt into this relationship you have with your instant cravings such as your wallet reminding you how cheap that carton of chicken nuggets are, time saying you only have enough for the drive through, or late night tummy grumbles that welcome anything with an "open" sign attached to it.

Let me be clear here. I absolutely hate fast food. McDonalds makes me cringe, Taco Bell looks like vomit, and the fact that anything is made in less than a minute should be a health code violation. We all have our weaknesses though. Sometimes the food in my own cabinets just does not sit right with my craving. I cave sometimes, I'll admit it. It's so cheap and convenient.  I don't care what kind of heath kick society is on today I will never give up these 5 fast food items...

5. Burger King Chicken Fries:
Okay, sometimes they give up on me because they are on the menu then they disappear then they are on the menu again, regardless their chicken fry goodness is so delicious and so easy to eat on the go. They come in that fabulous container for your sauce and your chicken fries to sit happily together.

4. Wendy's Frosty
This is the most delicious late night snack to ever hit planet earth. There has to be intelligent life somewhere in order to come up with his goodness. I used to be a person that was bitter they came out with a vanilla flavor but now I've warmed up to it (not really because then the Frosty would melt) and order it from time to time.

3. Jack in the Box French Toast Sticks
I love breakfast food. Sugar and syrup for breakfast is literally one of the greatest things. Jack in the Box is always there for me in the morning with their French toast warm and ready, waiting in the drive through window. Okay, now I sound like I eat this everyday, which I totally don't. I do enjoy the fact breakfast is served all day though.

2. McDonalds $1 drinks
I honestly never drink soda but when I get the craving the dollar McDonald menu is where it is at. Any size, any favor, $1! I get every size, not all at one time, but I if I'm feeling daring I'll get the large. If I just want a sip, I have no problem getting the small.

1. Wendy's Value Chicken Nuggets
That 4 piece set is literally perfect for me. I do not want a lot, just enough to tie me over. It's usually a late night snack anyways. I don't want any 6 piece combo meal blah blah blah. 4 pieces. Nice, easy, simple. Happy.

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