Expand Your Dating Horizons: Abnormal Activities To Spice Up Your Dating Life

Monday, April 20, 2015

Tired of dinner and a movie? Bored with the same old dates and dance?  Yeah, I was too, until I branched out on my horizons and explored a new era of dates. A while back I made a jar with all of these different dates on them. Shanon (my boyfriend) and I would sit around and ask each other “I don’t know what do you want to do,” but we would never, actually, get anywhere with that. It became a real pain in the butt. One day I said NO MORE. We live in America’s playground, we should be doing different things every weekend! We are both adults and can do anything we want. So naturally, as you will see later we picked some of the most childish dates we could think of.   Here is a list of abnormal dates for you and your boo to try out. Put a spin on any of them and make them more creative! Do not be afraid of your imagination.

Go to the Driving Range
Mini golf is cool and all but that’s so high school. See what you can really do but whacking a couple balls as hard as you can. The person who hits the farthest ball gets to pick where y’all have lunch. Bring your own golf clubs if you have them, if not you can rent them!

Build A Fort and Name It
Get all your sheets, pillows, blankets, and electronics. Camp out in your living room for the day or night and just chill in unforeseen territory.  Take a picture of your fort, name it and come up with a war zone story. You will love all the imagination being put into it. Take turns “seeking” out food, come up with a password if anyone needs to enter. Real 5 year old stuff.  We called ours Fort De Taylor because it sounded super official.

Go Go Karting
This can get expensive so I recommend Groupon or other discount sites for tickets. We went to FastLap an indoor go kart racing facility. They let us do about 10 laps each, 15 if you were fast and lapping everyone. I got lapped 4 times but whatever, that’s beside the point. Take a cute photo to commemorate the day. Also, slam your foot on the gas pedal otherwise you will be left behind.

Ice Blocking
Summer is here and it is finally just warm enough to slide down a hill of grass with an ice block! Usually Exxon and Rebel gas stations sell ice blocks. But a towel down on the ice block and slide down the hill! After a few tries the ice will slick up and you’ll go flying. Buy two so you can race.

Fruit Smashing
Time To Play Ball!... With Fruit! This is one of my favorite dates I’ve been on. You buy a ton of different fruits (apples, pineapple, and peppers worked the best for us)  and you hit them with a bat! The 99cent store has some cheap fruit so you can hit all afternoon!

Wine and Painting
I actually haven’t done this date but I’ve heard so many good things about it that I figured I cant go wrong. You drink wine and paint as the instructor gives you different methods of finding you way to portray the piece they’re displaying.  Great bonding, good wine, and you get to take hope a canvas afterwards.

$10 shopping spree
This is just a good little filler if you’re at the mall and are kind of having a lazy day. You can do this one of to ways. You each get $10 and whoever can buy the most stuff with $10 wins. You can set parameters and time limits if you want as well. Another way is you have to find something with the most meaning to you two without going over 10!

Plan a Trip Together
You can even do this in the fort! Even if you never go, talk about where you would like to go or see and come up with some places you can visit in the future.

Run in A 5K together!
If running isn’t your strong point you can decide to walk the 5k or train for it together. Try to stick with each other during the whole race. Push each other and then celebrate with ice cream afterwards!

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