GIRLS vs GUYS: 13 Preposterous Thoughts That Go Through Our Head When They Don't Text Back

Monday, April 6, 2015

Texting is an art. It is the 21st century and a lot of what we do or say is surrounded by technology. Okay, pretty much everything is, which often leaves us overanalyzing others every move. No one wants to respond too fast or too slow, have too many letters or not enough, and possibly or possibly not include emojis. Mastering the art of texting is a real skill in the IT world. An unanswered text might as well qualify for an anxiety attack symptom. This generation always has their phone within arms reach and needs instantaneous answers. Women and men are both guilty of second guessing their every text message and create worst-case scenarios in their heads if nothing is done immediately.

13 Preposterous thoughts that go through a guys head when she doesn't text back

1. How are you going to text me, have me text you back and then not reply?
2. It's been like 10 minutes, what could she possibly be doing.
3. Maybe she's driving?
4. I've seen her text and drive before though...
5. I get it, she's playing it cool. She doesn't want to seem too eager because that gives off the vibe of desperation.
6. Alright, she has until like 9:00 to answer my text otherwise I can only assume she's with another dude.
7. I swear, when she replies I'm going to take a week just to respond "Not much, you?"
8. What is this?! @ChanningTatum looked so fine at the Oscars?
9. I  bought her dinner last night and I can't even get a text back, but Channing Tatum warrants a shoutout?
10. Girls are ALWAYS on their phones. Theres no way she didn't see it.
11. Maybe she thinks i'm a jerk/idiot.
12. I'm so over this.
13. No, I'm not

13 Preposterous thoughts that go through a girls head when he doesn't text back

1. It's been like 5 minutes, he's totally ignoring me on purpose.
2. Did I come on too strong?
3. Maybe he's in the shower?
4. Impossible, he just liked a photo on Instagram
5. Should I text him again?
6. Maybe he didn't get it?...Pshh, yeah right this is the 21st century, we don't "lose" messages anymore. He totally got it.
7. I hope he doesn't expect me to sit around all day waiting for him to text me back.
8. He probably thinks I'm ugly.
9. Whatever, I'm flawless, his loss.
10. Should I send him a snapchat just to checkup on him?
11. He's probably with another girl
12. I guess I was the only one who thought we had a good time last night.
13. He texted me !

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