How To Get Rich Quick

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Success can be just around the corner for anyone. Not everyone who has money has a masters from Harvard or a financially sound family to back them up. If you work hard, sacrifice a little of your personal life, pursue your dream you will definitely get there. On the other hand, some are luckier in which they come into money by doing as little as possible. They simple got rich quick.

Here are the steps to getting rich quick:


Pshhh..... you think if I got rich quick I would
1.) Share my secrets
2.) Be writing this blog for free?

I am broke as a joke. If I ever post anything about getting into some money quickly, just know it is a straight up lie. If you would like to donate to the Jordan is Poor Foundation, please click here.

But here are some April Fools memes to make up for your troubles of traveling to my page.

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