Why Labels Should Be A BIG Deal

Friday, April 24, 2015

I don't know what it is with this generation and not wanting to commit to anything. Most of the people I hang out with are college material and flirt around which is great, you are entitled to exploring, but it seems so difficult to lock something down once the exploration phase is over. It almost seems like people do not want to lock something down because they're so afraid they'll miss out on an opportunity for something better to come along. Let me tell you, in a relationship or not, you are your person, and if you are unhappy, you are entitled to leave a relationship. Not putting a label on a relationship does not make anything easier. Feelings are still there, but the label isn't.

Here is why labels should be considered a BIG deal:

Without a tag, it means one or both of you have some hesitancy with the other. A hang-up is never a good thing in a "relationship." If they're trying to find themselves, having some family problems and can't commit, or want to stay focused on one thing at a time, that's them putting up roadblocks for any relationship even to form.

People have feelings, and they get taken advantage of with this "No-Label" business. If you feel angry, jealous or even happy sometimes, these feelings cant be justified. When your "in a relationship" with someone, it's easy to feel normal and ordinary feelings and understand why. With an unlabeled relationship, you feel guilty for these feelings because you're not together. You're not sure if you should tell them your feelings because technically you're not together, so you don't have that as a back-up. Instead you just crawl into your bed and exert your feelings on Netflix.

It becomes harder for you to grow as a couple. You're continually asking where yourself where you stand with one another. Everyone sees you together, and you do all these traditional relationship activities that confuse yourself and others around you. Your great-aunt will come into town and will ask you "Oh! How are you and your boyfriend/girlfriend?!" and you will awkwardly have to say "Oh he/she is not my boyfriend/girlfriend, we just do romantic things together and hang out all the time." or my all-time favorite "Were not together we just have a thing." Awkward.

Don't get hung up on the not labeled relationship but be aware. I get it. Labels aren't for everybody. Not everyone is familiar with a label or how to use it. As long as you two can define what you are to each other, then that is just as good. As long as everyone is on the same page with why there are no labels and what it means for your future, I think you can live without a label. Consider him/her your boyfriend/girlfriend even if he/she can't call themselves that. It's a role that needs to be fulfilled, not a label to be worn.

The basis for disaster. This kind of behavior has no limits. "We're not together, so it's okay," becomes an excuse all too often and hurts any chances of a relationship occurring. These decisions, because of the lack of a label, generally end up in "mistakes." You'll end up friend zoning each other and ultimately friend zoning yourselves.

What happens when you "break up?" I guess it is more of a break-off but how does one end something that never started. Stop talking? Throw up the deuces and peace out? Move away? That's a little drastic but realistically how does this work? There comes the point where you have to move up or move on.


In the end, I believe 100% in labels. They're not a bad thing. People have become so sensitive towards labels that they overthink the purest form. Love is a label, and the world should know about it.

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