Yay or Nay: The Overalls Trend

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Fashion is an ever-changing concept. What is the consensus of this new and upcoming trend. In all the photos people make them look cute and trendy, but in real life what are we working with here.

Overalls have stepped into that light in 2015 and the opinions are flying. Overalls are a very versatile item of clothing where the wearer is entitled to doing layers under or over the clothing. Denim, linen, chiffon and nylon mixtures are some of the many materials overalls can be made of the only question is if they are made for success or distress. 

I surveyed 50 girls on my college campus to get a more accurate idea on what the overall opinion is on overalls (Ba-dum-dum-tisk). 


YES= 24                             NO= 26

This literally solved nothing. A slight percentage more does not agree with the overalls trend, but still, there you have it. If you decide to wear overalls just think that half of the general population will agree with your choice. Some comments that were made in my surveying processes included:

"In my personal opinion, overalls = camel toe"

"That is one thing from the 90's that should stay in the 90s"

"I like them with a crop top"

"Overalls at any age should not exist!"

"For the most part they're unflattering but some people can really pull that off. Especially if you can pull of the "grunge" look."

"You basically have to get naked to pee... so nah"

"Only with wedges and a crop top."

"I LOVE OVERALLS. SOOOOOOOO CUTE. Throw on your Keds and beach wave the hair, and you're good to go. 

So it seems like a lot of it is dependable on a ton of different factors. A lot of girls think they're cute only on "certain people." I'm not really sure what that means but I guess if internally you think you can pull that off then you are your own fashionista. Some girls said they didn't care what other people thought. If they felt they could save the world in overall's then that is what they were going to wear. Even if "saving the world" really meant not breaking down in the middle of finals week. Just be sure not to look like a little girl in them. Style them up and DO NOT wear pigtails with your overalls. 

Now what do guys think of this connected shirt-pant madness.

"The only reason she should be wearing overalls is if she is a cowgirl."

"Honestly. Some girls can rock that cute tight short jean overall thing. Not all. I think it is definitely more of having a butt curve. The way I picture it is chucks, jeans short coverall, and possibly a backwards snapback. I could see it being cute." 

"I think it can be sexy if done right."

"What are overalls?"

The overall trend has been on the rise for quite sometime now but I've been seeing them hit the streets now more than ever before, well except for in the 90s.  It seems that these coveralls are acceptable if worn right. 

- Style your overalls with accessories like bracelets and earrings. Not too heavy of a necklace because they will take away from the "overall" look. 
- Hats and combat boots have been catching on as well. 
- Keep them fitting as well, not too tight (AKA camel toe) but not too loose because then you look like a child. Get the right fit. 
- Crop top and lace tops are your friends
- Try them with heels too

Keep it simple, but keep it classy. 

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