15 Reasons Why Your Leggings are Better than Your Boyfriend

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Leggings or a boyfriend?  Sure attention is great but nothing says home like a pair of warm leggings after a long day of watching Netflix. 

1. They make you feel skinny or comfortable.
Sitting there watching your man while he's eating 3x his weight in pizza can be a little unsatisfying. No girl’s metabolism can keep up with that. Their spandex/cotton/polyester mix is so satisfying when you're feeling a little bloated.  As women we naturally retain extra water weight and leggings help with boosting our self-esteem in this time of need.

2. They are perfect for traveling. 
They do not have a schedule, nor a preference as to wear you should go. They keep their opinions to themselves and just let you do you. They want to make sure YOU are comfortable and having a great time. 

3. They don't get offended when you only come to them when you want something.
Like satisfaction or tight pant relief.

4. Versatility is one of their specialties.
You can wear them to the gym, to the club, to the grocery store, or even your 5-year-old nephews birthday party. Guys aren't down to do EVERYTHING with you, but your leggings sure are.

5. They don’t ask questions.... or talk back.
They're pants, but they do a great job at supporting all of your decisions.

6. They make you look athletic even when we all know your yoga pants have never done yoga.
You want to be the one that looks good, not standing next to someone who looks good which yoga pants ensure.  Men workout and look good before, after and during. Yoga pants make you look good. Who needs to stand next to some muscular man when you have yoga pants that do butt lifting for you.  For the most part, men naturally enjoy working out, so their muscles are very definitive. Leggings/yoga pants can make your butt go from drab to fab in about 3 minutes.
7. You don't have to shave anything for anyone.
Leggings cover everything up and who wants razor burn anyways.

8. They don't mind if you try other pants because they know you'll always come running back.
Leggings have no discrimination against you swapping from the new pair to the old pair interchangeably. You can wear pants weeks at a time before you switch back to leggings. Just make sure you handle your dirty laundry. 

9. They don't care how long your story is or how many selfie's you took. 
They don’t care probably because they were with you the whole time anyways!

10. It doesn't matter if you tend to get a little sloppy with them.
They're stretchy fabric, which you will probably pair with an oversized t-shirt.

11. You can have a Netflix marathon and no on will judge you.
I'm not a big action movie or scary movie fan but my leggings and I will curl up and watch Pitch Perfect 4 times in a row if we choose too. 

12. Leggings aren't distracting.
Boyfriends distract you from studying or accomplishing something, leggings don't. You can take your leggings to finals but you cant take your man. 

13. Leggings don't care if your lazy because they're lazy too.
Hello!? They're elastic and spandex material. They don't have to work for anything.

14. They're seamless!
They are smooth and continuous with no apparent gaps or spaces in between one part and the next... unlike your last relationship. 

15. They let you call the shots....and don't reprimand when you've had too many.
The perfect drinking outfit always includes leggings. They're easy to clean if you've had too much or if your a sleep drunk you can just curl up somewhere. You win either way in my eyes. 

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