7 Things I've Learned From Him

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Welcome to my love life; please wipe your feet at the door.

About Cars - An actual interest

No more pretending; Shanon has exhausted this topic. I find myself understanding all of these conversations around tools, parts, and models. I even catch myself thinking about my future car and how I can "soup" it up as well. I used to never even care about that stuff, hence why I drive a Hyundai Accent.

How to talk in a Stitch voice

I don't think this is necessarily a "Resume Ready" skill but it's kind of something we do with each other. I used to think it was the most annoying thing in the world until Shanon told me to "Try it, it's fun." So I started talking like that when I was trying to be sassy and sarcastic and now sometimes well have a full-blown conversation in this impish, alien cartoon voice.

How to (kind of) love cats

I'm more of a dog person. I am allergic to cats; almost to the point where I cant see because I’m sneezing so much. Cats make my body react negatively so, naturally, I am going to do everything I can to stay away from them. Shanon has a cat. "Kitty" is his name (real original, I know.) That cat makes me sniffle until the cows come home, but Kitty loves playing with my hairbands, so I think we have some bond over my hair accessories. I would gladly sacrifice a hair clip for this cat to have a couple of minutes of enjoyment.

That I have a great appreciation for diverse foods.

Shanon is a man of many words and few tastes. His kitchen cabinets consist of pizza, macaroni, and cheese, chicken and pasta.  On a night where he does make me dinner, I can expect any of those options. I appreciate my willingness to try new things because of his pickiness on eating the same thing.  Opposites attract, right?

Understanding Ridiculously, stupid, yet hilarious TV shows
If you would've asked me a year ago what I thought about shows like Ridiculousness and Impractical Jokers I would have told you they are a waste of time and something I would change the channel from, not to. Ask me today; I would tell you that Shanon and I enjoy watching these shows together because seeing the repercussions of these idiots make for great TV.

Gambling- specifically, table games

I can now confidently play blackjack, in a high-end hotel confidently. When I turned 21, I told myself I would never be able to play a table game because of there so intimidating. There are so many rules like one hand, two hands, no phones, no hands, etc. There are so many rules, and I would always be afraid if I messed up the casino would kick me out. I'm a bit dramatic, but that’s how the movies make it seem.

Mental Math

Okay before you judge me, look at the times we live in. Everyone uses their calculators for everything. We forget to do our calculations in our head because it is so much easier to whip out our tip calculator when we need to crunch some numbers. Shanon does everything single math problem in his head whether he wants to or not. "Practice makes perfect," he says to me as I pull out my iPhone to figure out a 15% tip for a $20 tab. Now, I practice and try to do as many math problems in my head as possible. I challenge you to do the same.

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  1. My bf was a dog person but I have convinced him to be a cat person too...

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