How Pitch Perfect Acurately Describes Sorority Life

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The school can pull your credentials if you mess up

The Bella's were pulled from their tour and stripped of their title from the Acapella Collegiate Organization and the Dean. Fat Amy came in like a wrecking ball by wrecking the crowd's minds with her commando show. Sororities have a particular accreditation they have to meet set by the university. If you defy the school's rules, you can be placed on a suspension of multiple levels, including social, total, and expulsion.


A sorority is special because of their values and their history. Initiations are the oldest traditions and differentiate one organization from another. The Bella's demonstrate their initiation on screen about these girls taking a vow to uphold the values of a Bella women. In sororities, that's what initiations are all about. It is about reaffirming your values and how to make you a better person with a group of girls to follow.


No one can just be in a sorority. It takes courage, dedication, and a WHOLE lot of patience. You cannot sleep with the Trebles or hold the pitch pipe and call yourself a sorority woman. You need to prove to the sorority that you've got what it takes, and the sorority needs to prove to you who and what the sorority has as well.

Sorority Terms

Sororities have their lingo. "Perf," "Totes-Adorbs," and any alliterations you know were entirely invented by sorority women. It makes sense to you and your sister, but to the outsiders, they haven't got a clue. You might look ridiculous, but you're sounded by your friends with fat hearts, and that's what matters in the end.

Matching outfits

Of course whenever there is a special event we have to get shirts for it. We need to match and look as presentable as possible to put on a good show. Whether you're performing for your fans at Worlds or posting a photo on Instagram, your outfit must be on point.

We go on retreats to regroup

The Bellas have lost their harmony as they're all focusing on different aspects of their lives. Sororities utilize retreats for recruitment and sisterhood purposes. Putting a group of girls in a remote area can be the most beneficial concept known to (wo)man. We get caught up in all of the life's events that we forget why we joined in the first place. Retreats bring you back to that home plate. We walk out feeling fresh and reharmonized, ready to take on our next challenge.

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