5 Best Undergarments When You're Wearing White

Monday, June 29, 2015

The season of summer is upon us and fun patterns, flowers and colors such as mint, pink, and WHITE are in. Wearing white out is a bold move for any woman. When it comes to white it is not about what you wear on the outside but what you wear underneath. Every line, color, and thread becomes 100 times more visible when the patron decides to slip on something a little whiter.

So, what should be worn underneath those white pants?

1. Nude: This is your number one option. It can be granny panties, things, cheekies, or some mixture of the three. Nudes and skin colors look the best because you cant see them! Can't find your skin color? Check online for a pair that matches a little better. Never settle for the wrong skin color because it will shine through.  Light grey: This is a decent alternative if you (for whatever reason) cannot fulfill the above listed reasons. It will be light enough to not be seen and get the job done for your white bottoms.

*Side note, if your white piece is a flowy dress I highly recommend some sort of underwear that covers the booty line to prevent unwanted wedgies. If it is a tight dress or shorts a thong is in your favor to reduce panty lines.

2. Nude Spanx: This kind of goes along with the above answer but you can wear whatever color you would like to wear and wear the Spanx over top. I understand, life gets away from us and we don't always have time to wash that one set of nude underwear, because let's face it, nude is not a "sexy" color so its not on our priority wash list.  I do think a thing is in your favor just to prevent as many lines as possible.

3. Commando: No panties are still panties, right? I can't eliminate the obvious. When you don't have nude, go nude. I've known plenty of women comfortable enough to walk out without anything on underneath and more power to them. Go commando at your own risk though.

4. Thin Underwear: You don't want anything to thick because that could overpower the actual white clothing item. Cotton can be a thicker fabric that can bunch in unwanted areas. Lace and nylon/spandex materials will be your best bet.

5.  Nude Body Shaping Tank Top: This is tricky because you need to get the longest top you can find. This works best with dresses but it can show positive results for pants as well. I know this isn't a "panty" but its still an undergarment which kind of works. Put on the tank top and pull it all the way down over your but. Tuck it in all the way and pull over your regular underwear. Watch out for panty lines and tucked in wrinkles!


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