8 Netflix Series You Need to Binge Watch

Monday, June 22, 2015

It's that time of year again where Netflix promptly asks me if I want to renew my streaming abilities or cancel my lagging lease. It's also summer and I have some shows to catch up on so I think it would be in my best interest to hit the "Renew" button. I get really distracted in school..... with school things of course, so I do not fully utilize my $7.99 (grandfathered in) monthly price I pay. Summer time is when all of those long neglected months come in handy.

The thing with me is when I start something, and the operation provides all means necessary to keep going, I find no reason to stop. I wish I had that motivation to work out.... Anyways, I can't just watch one show one time per week. The anxiety kills me. If a series is on TV and the older seasons are on Netflix, I will refuse to start that season until all of the episodes are on Netflix. I need to see what happens in as little settings as possible. Summer provides that freedom for me.

Any who, you're not here to understand my summer habits you want the goods. Here you have it:

8 Netflix Series You Need to Binge Watch

Hands down the best TV series I have ever seen. There is action, love, sultry, and politics all wrapped up behind closed doors. Olivia Pope does it all. She is a detective/manipulator/presidents mistress/ best friend/ military commander/ fashionista/ campaign manager/ press secretary. If you have ever wondered what really goes on behind the presidents desk and back this show is for you.  This will give you the low down about why Washington D.C. is such a dangerous yet enticing place to be. Everyone owes each other favors while shoving a knife into each other's backs. This show is also based on a true story, which one of our presidents isn't fessing up to the plate.... it's not Monica Lewinsky.

May not be suitable for children under the age of 14

2. Dance Moms
Abby Lee Miller is life! Who knew Pittsburgh could be so taunting. These 9 year olds have more balance in fifth position than I do in my life. This is a real life look at how life is not fair and you have to grasp every opportunity in the process. Christie, Kelly, Melissa, Holly... oh wait those aren't the dancers. It's the dancer's mothers! Let me tell you, they have a comment and a complaint about everything. They're the best of friends but rivals when it comes to their daughters. Join them on the road to different competitions every week and see all the madness that goes on through the hairspray waves. Always remember though; everyone is replaceable.

3. Law & Order: SVU
Olivia Benson should be the only explanation you need but I’ll elaborate for you since this is a blog post, and a post does need words in order to function. Legalities, crime, drama, passion, and intensity all combined into one season. There’s 16 seasons by the way. Have I seen them all, yes. Lucky for you though only the last three years are on Netflix. Get a Hulu account if you'd like to see them all, which you will. These are real life situations that can happen to anyone. If you don’t watch it for the drama watch it for the defense guides.

4. Scrotal Recall
Hardly a binge because its only like 1 season long, 6 episodes at 22 minutes each episode. It's just a quick fix. This guy somehow winds up in the doctors office with a positive slip for gonorrhea and he has to go back and retrace his steps and tell every partner whom he's ever been with to get tested for it. That’s got to be a little bit of a nut job... some of those relationships should have just been left in the past. Overall, it's kind of stupid but you're hooked.

5.  Chuck
This underachiever gets his hands on a top secret government file and all of a sudden begins living a double life, the only thing is he downloaded this file into his brain. Be nice to the tech gut down at Fry's electronics, you never know what goes on in their break room. 

6. Breaking Bad
I know the ranting and raving of this show is over but if you haven't seen it you should look into watching it. There are some valuable lessons that can be learned from this show if you read between the lines.  Doing crystal meth is NOT one of them... It's almost like Drug Dealing 101. 

7. One Tree Hill
This is about 9 seasons long but it's worth the watch. Gossip Girl is a main competitor in my opinion but there is something to be said about the small town of Tree Hill in North Carolina. Super sweet, and super fine half brothers Lucas and Nathan are constantly switching between kinship and competition on the court and with their friends (lady friends included).  Peyton's car is literally life too. Just thought I would throw that out there. Don't be so quick to judge the characters on whom you like and who you don't right away because there are a lot of plot twists involved in this series. 

8. Parks and Recreation:
Literally the dumbest show I have ever seen but there’s an underlying tone of friendship and love that will keep you hooked.  It's a show that takes characteristics of our friends and exaggerates them to the fullest. You have the super passionate and overly organized friend (Leslie Knope), the swagmaster (Tom Haverford), the guy who hates everyone (Ron Swanson), and the friend who always sees the glass half full, or really full, maybe even over flowing (Chris Traeger).

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