Dubsmash for Chumps

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

For those of you having a hard time understanding what this post is ACTUALLY about, or stumbled onto my page by accident, let me clear the air for you.

Dubsmash: This is a video messaging app where users can search and select a specific audio track they desire to make a video to. No sound is recorded, only the sound you select is heard.

I usually keep my dubsmashes to myself or my select group of friends i feel comfortable sending my weird up close visions of my face but i've moved past that phase of my life and want to share them with the world now. They're on the internet so i guess i can never take them back.

Some people are dubsmashers and some are dubsmash enjoyers. I like to think of myself as both which is what makes me a well rounded person... right?

Q: So Jordan, where do you make these "Dubsmahses"?
A: I try to limit my use to my work break room and my own room. Theres no need to do these in public unless you need a crowd, which I have not yet. Sometimes I have a couple margaritas in me, sometimes I don't. I guess you will have to figure out which videos I have the liquid help in.

Q: When do you make them?
A: Usually right before I go to bed. Like RIGHT before, hence why all of my backgrounds are just different parts of my room or house.

Q: Why do you make these?
A: Truth: To send sassy text messages to my friends when they text me dumb things. It's like texting through videos and using other peoples words. It can be very effective sometimes. Although, I do enjoy having conversations via Dubsmash with other fellow dubsmashers.

Q: What is your opinion on vine then?
A: Psh. I am not clever enough for vine. I like to use other peoples creativity and do something else with it. Needless to say, Vine is for watching.

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  1. Amazing post dear!



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