How To Annoy Me In The Best Possible Ways

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

We all have little things that annoy us in life. Some actions get under our skin more than others but, regardless, the infuriation's are still there. Just when you think you've figured out all of your pet peeves someone goes and does something stupid again and you now have five more things to add onto your list. Here is a sample of what my list would consist of.

  • Being placed on hold after having a 20 minute conversation with a voice operated robot (that got me no where)
  • Price stickers on glass... talk about residue
  • Students who prolong class by asking the most absurd

  • Drivers who won't turn right on red (seriously grinds my gears)
  • Someone watching me write or type (Really? You have nothing better to do?)
  • All air and no chips in a bag
  • Unnecessary movie sequels (Come on, Mall Cop Pt 2?)
  • People who put their feet on the dashboard or out the car window... (you're going to be screwed when an accident happens. Don't say I didn't warn you)
  • Having to use more than one remote control for the TV
  • When the string to my hoodie gets taken out by the washer
  • People who wear shorts and Uggs. (STHAAAAAAP!)
  • The Kardashians (but thats a good, addictive kind of annoyance)
  • Paying for parking
  • When people feel like they MUST turn out now to get in front of me and then go slow.

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