No Offense To You, but Customers Are Literally the Worst People in the World

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Dear Customers,
No offense to you but you are, literally, the worst people in the world. You complain, you under appreciate, and you don't remember what your mama taught you when she said: "Put stuff back where you found it."

From a retail worker to a customer I don't know who you think controls the economy but it's not me. I just work here. The customer (i.e., you) is not always right, so please place your mind somewhere else. Punching a barista in the face or verbally assaulting the cashier will not get you what you want. The game of retail involves a new plethora of characters that we deal with every day. You will never get the same person twice.

Did you know it took us 40 minutes to make that display table look beautiful and only 7 seconds for you to destroy it all after we asked you if we could help you with a size? You're a liar.

We do not know the price to everything in the store. Did you check the tag hanging from it? Or turn the product upside down before you asked?

If you try to return something that's been worn and is worn out, you will not get a refund; even an exchange is not in your favor.  We don't do trade-ins either.

If an item isn't marked, it is not free, and therefore your comment about it ringing up "free" is unnecessary.

If they have a name tag on, wearing the apparel the store sells, or are restocking the shelves, there is a GOOD chance they work there. There's no need to ask.

Other stores have different sales going on and just because that store has a sale on does not mean we will honor that same sale. There is a reason we're not running that sale in the first place, I promise. Go to that store if you're so concerned about it.

A lot of us make minimum wage or close to it, and we do not get paid to put up with your crap. We don't have any ties to the higher-ups that run this place. If you have an issue, take it up with them.

If the doors are closed, and the lights are off that means we're avoiding you and were not open.

We are not trying to annoy you with our customer service. This is our job; this is what we get paid to do.

We might be short staffed because we have the highest turnover rate than any other industry. Please bear with us. If you only see two people, assume only two people are working and understand you are not the only person in the store. Others need assistance as well.

We understand you have a coupon, but the fine print is what was most concerned about.

We appreciate your business, but we don't understand your complete disregard for our hard work. I see a lot of customers come in ordering us around without a simple manner or care in the world but get real nice when they can't figure out how to work the debit/credit machine.

You can't complain about retail if you've never worked in retail. A lot of us are only here because we need a paycheck and we don't want to get fired (that's a pun towards Marshawn Lynch by the way).
Look, all I am asking is for you to try to become a little more aware of what you're doing and saying while you're out shopping. Don't be that customer that we go into the back room and discuss all the ignorant things you just said or did. Trust me on this one, we do that.

Yours Truly,
A Concerned Retail Worker

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  1. Amazing post dear!


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