15 Thoughts Everyone Has During a Group Project

Thursday, September 3, 2015

School is back in session. Textbooks, refund checks, pens and pencils are flooding your backpack and things seem to be going fine during syllabus week. Your teachers are alright and the course doesn't seem too hard. Your settled into your new assigned-but-not-really-assigned seat and your professor drops the G word. Mhmm, group project. Syllabus week was a breeze but now the real work begins.

1. "Is the professor assigning the groups? I've been enrolled for 2 seconds and don't know anyone."

2. "Please don't pair me with the kid that is asleep in the back."

3. "Oh, she seems smart, we could get a good grade together."

4. "Is it too late to drop this class?"

5. "I'm not going to be team captain, then the work is all on me."

6. "Should we go first and get it over with or go last and get two extra days?"

7."Okay I'm going to be real productive with this project."

8. "Crap, this is due in one week! What happened to all of my time?"
9. "Maybe some of the other members got there part done?"

10. "This girl has no idea what is even going on."

11. "Wait, who are you? Oh your in our group?"

12. "I've done like 99% of the work."

13. "Can you have this done by Thursday so I can have time to rewrite it?"

14.  "I hate working with people."

15. "Hmm, peer evaluations."

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