Gel Manicures are Taking Over and I Do Not Like It

Monday, October 26, 2015

Buckle in baby, have I got a story for you...

I went in to get my nails done the other day, and I wanted a basic French tip manicure. When I walked in I was asked what the business could do for me; I replied I wanted a manicure. "Gel manicure?" The tech assumed. 

"No, I want a regular manicure, and I was wondering if I could get air brushed French tips too?"
She looked at me like she had never heard of such a thing. "So you don't want a gel manicure?"
"No ma'am, I would like a regular manicure... With French tips."
"We don't do airbrushing here. We can only paint on the tips."
"Oh, okay well I don't like the look of painted on tips because it's not a clean look, so I'll just do a regular manicure with no tips."
Apparently, something in what I said set her off because then she starts murmuring to her friend in her native tongue, but I hear "French tips" being thrown in there every now and again.
HELLO ?!?! I'm right here. Can't you at least wait until I'm gone to talk about me?

She then proceeds to say "Of course it won't look as nice because it's human error, they need to be painted on. But if you got a gel manicure we could do French tips."
"I don't want a gel manicure I just want these colors."

Finally, the manicure process starts.

I am well aware gel manicures are all the rage right now, but I'm not comfortable with getting one, so I stick to regular manicures for now. If I wanted a gel manicure, don't you think I would've said so from the very beginning?

All while she's soaking my hands she's talking to her friend about my requests. She must be upset about my French nails comment because that's all she has been talking about through my whole cuticle cleaning. Oh, and she is sighing a lot. Almost an uncomfortable amount of sighs are exasperated.

Regardless, she finishes all the necessities for my manicure and then proceeds to ask me one more time if I am sure I do not want a gel manicure.

I lost it (internally). I just looked at my nail tech and shook my head. That was all I could do because of all the comments popping into my brain.

Finally, after she proceeded to get the colors switched on the nails I wanted while mixing up the golds, we reached the top coat phase. I asked her to get my keys and wallet out of my purse because my nails were drying. She sighed another one of those huffy puffy sighs she can't seem to get enough of and muttered an explanation about how with gel nails would dry instantly.

Long story short, even though I just told you the whole thing, I hate gel manicures. Why?! Because that is all any nail technicians expect anymore and they're so upset I'm not like any other girl coming in for a $40 manicure. I will stick to my $11 manicure as long as you keep offering it. If you do a good job, I will still tip you based on your service, but if you sigh and mumble things about me in front of me, you can bet that will decrease your value.

I'm not opposed to gel manicures, but I choose to not get them for various reasons. Reasons such as when the gel comes off, my whole nail will probably follow because they're frail and brittle. Another reason, I don't want the same polish on my hands for three weeks at a time (BORING). Finally, I'm broke as a joke, so I'm not spending more than $20 on anything these days.

You can get your gel manicure. I am not offended by them in anyway, not that my opinion should matter in whether you get a gel manicure or not. That sounds so petty when I type it out. I would just like to be able to go into a manicure salon, get my regular manicure, without being hounded about not getting a gel manicure. I come in peace, I promise.

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