A Thank You Letter to Justin Bieber and His Purpose Album

Monday, November 23, 2015

In the spirit of the holiday this week I want to send a special thank you letter to Justin Bieber 

Dear Biebs,

You weren't always my favorite. Actually, I take that back, you were never my favorite.
I still don't even know how I feel about you but your album PURPOSE has made me reevaluate my opinion. 

I have never been a Justin Bieber fan until now, and I wanted to let the world know that if they have not listened to your album solely because its YOUR album, then they're wrong. 


Thank you for being so open about your feelings. I'm not sure why you write music and perform but I can assure you it has good intentions behind it.
This album literally gave me all of the feels. Maybe its just because I've had some recent major changes in my life but it almost seems as if you generally are in tune with your emotions. Coming form a girl who is trying to understand new things in her life your words have been a real eye opener.

"The Feeling" is spot on for making me realize that you need to try and find what makes you truly happy. Is it the feeling of love or is it actual love? Will anyone ever really know? Thank you for relating to me on an ultimate level that I could not put into words until I found this song. 

"Love Yourself" is LIFE. This song completely encompasses the idea of toxic relationships. Just because you mention someone's name does not mean you still care. No one wants to be with a self-centered prick. Although, I will admit, I thought you were one for a while, Biebs. *insert wink face* Don't worry we're on good terms now. 

"Sorry" caught my attention first. Originally it was because of the sick backbeat and the radio would not stop playing it but the words were important too. This is a key song for someone who thought they knew what they wanted but realized they might've made a mistake. In my book its never too late to say sorry and I'm glad that this was a chart topper because the world could use a lesson on forgiveness.

"Company" is literally reaffirming that it is okay to just have someone who is there for you. No titles, just fun. Find someone that you can call up to have a conversation or hang out and do nothing together. No stings attached. Unless your company is a puppet in which case please keep all strings attached. 

"What Do You Mean" was another one of those songs that was constantly played on the radio but kind of gave me an insight to how difficult people can be. No one is a mind reader. Except for the lady that read my palm. For an additional $5 she read my mind too. 

Music doesn't usually speak to me. Maybe its because I use it solely for rad dance moves while I'm sweeping my kitchen and do not take a minute to actually listen to the words. 
Thank you for making an album that is not the typical "blast in your car on a road trip" sound. Thank you for putting yourself out there and allowing millions of people to hear your story. 

Not your #1 fan but a fan at the least.

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  1. I love this. I usually really dislike Justin Bieber but all of a sudden I have to admit that I am now fan (ever so slightly)!x



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