Fashion Forward Fridays: 5 Tips For a Successful Statement Necklace

Friday, November 27, 2015

These chunky yet dramatic accessories are a real eye grabber and a trend that does not seem to be going away. These bold accessories can bring a little light to that old go-to outfit but can be a bit tricky.  If not worn correctly or in the right context, you can be making all of the wrong statements. What might look good on the Vogue model might not work with you.  Other than that, use these pieces to emphasize parts of your body you want people to notice! Remember, you are the original statement, and the necklace is simply a cute bow on top.

This is first because I have seen one too many times someone dressed in a colorful bracelet with a big necklace and a sparkling ring ALL AT THE SAME TIME. They are all cute, and I know you want to show the world how bold you are but, trust me, one is enough. You want your piece to stand out so keep it simple by thinking "less is more."

The point of a statement necklace is to stand out. If you're wearing a green top, try a pink necklace. Pair the unexpected together and make a successful outfit. Refer to the color wheel for more options.

I'm not talking about your friends but the girls that fall just below your neckline. The size of your chest plays an optimal role in your necklace game. If you have a bigger chest size, stick with shorter chains, you don't want too much volume in that area. If you have a smaller chest, long statement necklaces can be an exquisite and fun look.

Statement earrings and statement necklaces are not a good look. I don't know who you think you are kidding.  That is a top heavy look. Be careful you might topple over with all that blitz on your upper body. But seriously, pick one or the other. If you are confused, please refer to TIP #1.

Have a cute little black dress? Maybe a simple work office outfit? Black, navy, and gray are all safe colors, but they like to have fun too! If your stuck wearing solid articles of clothing, wear a bright necklace with a lot of colors. Your necklace will be the talk of the office and make your simple outfit much fore transitional.

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