Skill Set Saturday: 5 Interview Questions You Need to Be Prepared toAnswer

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Perfume: Check

Clean nails: Check

Awesome Blazer: Check

You have all the promising aesthetics for this interview but how mentally prepared are you for what is about to happen in that room? Some interviews consist of role playing, scenario building, tours, and basic questions while others are simply having a conversation. Regardless of what activities you are inclined to participate in, the basic concept is how thoughtful you are in your answers. Let's nail this down one question at a time.

1. "How are you?"
A very basic question but is very effective in interviews. This will set the tone for the rest of the meeting. Do not just mumble out an answer. Answer in a positive manner. "Fake it to make it" is a good tactic at this point. Mention something for them to comment back on because you are usually walking to the place where the interview will proceed while this question is in play and you do not want a any lulls in the conversation. A compliment is always a nice gesture and makes the interviewer feel good.

Example: I'm doing great this morning, although it is a little windy outside. How are you?

2. "Tell me what you know about the company"
This is more so a test than a question. How badly do you want to work there? How much information you know about them shows your dedication to the job. Only discuss the things you are certain about. If you can't remember something, do your best to avoid talking about it. Most interviewers are nice and will politely correct you on the spot before you make a fool out of yourself, but be careful, because some will sit there and let you ramble. Don't lose sight of the reason why you are there in the first place. It is always a good idea to mention something you thought was interesting, your favorite aspect and their mission.

Example: I see that you have been in business since 1997 which is awesome considering all the people I've talked to have mentioned how much they love working for your company. You have offices mostly on the east coast but seem to be expanding out west a little bit more. Your product (name your favorite or one that interests you) is one of my favorites because it is so consistent.  Your mission statement really aligns with my personal values as well as I too (mention something similar that you do that aligns with the mission statement).  

3. If you were an animal what would you be an why? 
Others could include if you could be any superhero, which one would you be? Be prepared to answer some sort of quirky question. Interviewers use this as a tactic to ease you into the interview or to see if you have a personality that fits in with their environment. You honestly can't mess this question up. As long as you insert a skill you have in the "why" part of that question. The interviewer wants to see your drive and passion, whether you are an animal or an employee.

Example: I would be a horse. They are strong and able to function independently but work well in a team too.
(Plus they're also Majestic *hair flip*)

4. "Why should I hire you?"
This is the employer asking if you know what the job consists of and if you will do a good job at it.  Do your homework and read the job description. Use words from the job description and explain how you would do phenomenally at that task. Its a basic question but ids often overlooked by candidates. It can be hard to talk about yourself confidently and not sound like your bragging but if you do something well you have every right to brag.

Example: I enjoy talking with customers and interacting with different people. I try to develop a sense of trust which was what helped me become a top seller in my previous job. 

5."Do you have any questions for me?"
YES. You always have questions for the interviewer. You should have about three stored up but they shouldn't be about something you have already discussed previously in the interview. That will show you are listening (bonus points).


  • What is your training program like? 
    • Follow-up: How long is the training portion?
  • How would you describe the environment here? (You should know if it's fast-paced, competitive, upbeat, etc)
  • What's your favorite part about coming to work every day? (A typical question but can have impactful results) 

Pro tip: Give them a firm handshake at the end. No one likes meeting a fish.

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