Steam Rooms 101: The First Time Users Guide to a Victorious Sweat

Monday, November 30, 2015

So you want to use a Steam Room? Steam and heat flood the room and all your worries wash away... at least that's how it was described to me. You are about to form your own opinion on it but before you step your bare toes into a one of those humid rooms there are some things you NEED to know.

Let's start with the basics:

Sauna: use of dry heat generated from a stove or hot rocks to relax muscles and promote sweating.

Steam room:  100% humidity and are kept at about 110 degrees. Use of steam to relax muscles and promote sweating.

What to wear:
Theres a fine line between whats appropriate and whats just unsanitary. Steam rooms are a great place to go and relax if no one is bending the unsaid rules.

1. I recommend a pair of indoor flip flops. I DO NOT recommend going into a steam room bare foot. There are too many germs you could pick up. I picked some up from Wal-mart for $0.98 and they worked great. New flip flops prevent bringing in more germs for someone else to pick up, they also keep the floor from becoming black.

2. Wear a bathing suit or go in the nude. Both are perfectly fine. Personally, I enjoy having some coverage so I'm not sitting there self conscious wondering if everyone else is staring at me. Some have no issue letting everything out which I am totally fine with as well.

3. USE A TOWEL. Do not go into a steam room and set your bare butt on any surface in that room. That is the most unsanitary thing because of the above reasons. Some people do go in the nude, and no one should take that away from them, but you should be careful because your bare bum could be where someones else's was 10 minutes before. SIT ON THAT TOWEL. Wrap that towel around your body and sit on it! It could be moist from steam but it could be moist from sweat. Sit at your own risk!

What happens:

Typically you see the room and its all white inside because there is steam coming from all parts of the room. You open the door and you feel a swoosh of mist come right at you.

You step inside and you try to take your first breath and it is literally the scariest thing ever. You will probably try breathing through your mouth first and you will feel completely dissatisfied with the amount of air that does not enter your body.

Then you try to breath through your nose and its also just as unfulfilling. You'll get used to it.

You'll find a seat on the bench, wrapped in your towel, or if you want to stand thats fine too.

You might look around the steam room and you will quickly realize you can't see anything. It can become very frightening. To me it was at least. You  don't know if there is someone already in there or if it is just you. You could call out, but if someone is in there you're disrupting their "me" time.

The steamer might come on unexpectedly. Sometimes they are on timers sometimes they are manual. It's just a fair warning because it is unexpected.

Sit and enjoy the steam. Concentrate on breathing. Sweat out all of your impurities and bad decisions. This is great for a post work-out muscle decompressor.

When your ready, typically about 15 minutes later, turn the steam off if you can and exit quietly. Shut the door behind you.


Pay attention to how long you are in the steam room. You are sweating so you can become dehydrated really quick and not notice it. Be sure to drink lots of water afterwards.

Steer clear of anyone coughing. In a moist, hot room, that bacteria is much more lethal.

It is definitely an option for staying warm this winter. Good luck, and may the sweat be ever in your favor!

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