Trendset Tuesdays: Glass and Some Sass

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ever thought your stemware could go out of style? Well, think again. Your glasses go through just as many trend switches as the women's department in Neiman Marcus. From wood to glass to the plastic red solo cup, we've seen and used them all. It's your wine glasses you should be most concerned about though.

The most sophisticated glass has been caught stemless. SCANDAL!  Stemless wine glasses are all the rage right now and are worth giving a try.

What is a stemless wine glass you ask? It is precisely what you think it is. Take the stem of the wineglass and beak it off. You've got yourself a stemless wine glass.

The whole idea of the stemless wine glass is more of a convenience factor for many reasons. By eliminating the stem, you are making the glass
  • More transportable for picnics or other events
  • Easily storable- because they do not take up much room
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Less prone to breakage

Without stems, how do we measure class?

To me, the stemless wine glass looks like a regular glass to me. I do not personally see anything too special about the anti-stem glassware. It takes away my feelings of sophistication and elegance also. I often wonder where they'll stop. What about champagne flutes? Is it a flute if the glass is cylinder shaped?
The whole point of having individual glasses for special drinks is to enjoy the celebration of an occasion even more. Stems have that power to set the tone for the event. The stemless sets are more of a casual feel for when you have a friend over, and nothing to fancy is happening.

Although, I cannot wholly say this was an awful idea because I do use the stemless wine glasses; not necessarily for wine though. I tend to use them more so for water or as lip gloss tube holders. Regardless, they still have a sense of purpose.

These stemless cups are here to stay because imagine how excited the restaurant industry is about this trend. Servers can move little quicker without having to worry about toppling over their high-class glass; businesses do not have to replace wine glasses as often because they have a lower breakage rate, and they're dishwasher safe! No more hand-washing your beautiful drinkware after you just wanted a sip to simmer down from the day.

I am team stem when it comes to wine and team stemless when it comes to anything else, but after a couple of glasses who cares anyway, right?

Stemmed or Stemless: Which do you prefer?

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