Trendset Tuesdays: Setting the Tone for Your Table

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Setting the table for Thanksgiving is one of the most satisfying feelings in the world for me. Family is just about to arrive, the turkey is almost done, and I've probably already stolen 10 or so olives out of the hors d'oeuvres.
Some families have really elegant dinners with the long dinner table and not a spec of silver missing and some wing it buffet style and chill on the living room floor. Needless to say, there is no wrong way to have a Thanksgiving.

If you are hosting this years festivities, here is a way to keep that sense of tradition while pulling out a little bit of style. 
Are you ready for it?


Your stemware has the capacity to set the tone of the entire evening. In years past, my family has tried the paper cups, regular glasses, goblets, wine glasses, and pretty much anything you could think of. Of course they all worked but did they really say "Nelson Thanksgiving?" Not a chance. 

About two Christmas seasons ago, we received some of the most bizarre stemware options ever. A mixture of jars on stems and then these bright, red solo cups that were elevated and guess what...

We used them last Thanksgiving and I think I saw a few other families doing the same.

Stemware sets the tone for your gathering. Formal wine glasses need formal place settings, and plastic cups need paper plates. Exotic stemware allows you to set your own tone for your table.

Make your drink ware more trendy by trying out any or a mix of these stemware options this holiday season. Who said you needed all of the pieces to match anyways?

  • Mason jars have hit and all time high in sales recently. They can be good for sangria's, mixed drinks, wines, and kid friendly kool-aid. 
  • Red Solo cup wine glasses. They have a stand on the bottom for extra class and also a Nelson favorite.
  • Elevated Mason Jars have an additional hint of class while keeping the inner pioneer vibe attached. Really find your roots this Thanksgiving.
  • Decorated wine glasses are a great conversation piece and offer a formal setting with a touch of your family involved. Its especially fun if you make it a family activity. 
  • Goblets because everyone wants to feel Victorian while drinking wine on Turkey Day. So American.

To back up your diverse pieces, keep the rest of your table elements simple and natural. Nothing to fluffy or fake. Little pumpkins and squash sporadically throughout the table send a nice pop of color and pilgrim vibes. Centerpieces are important too but if your like me, you just hit up the local Michael's and buy one that is "no assembly required." For an added twist check out Turkey Table Toppers from last Thanksgiving.

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