A Case of the Mondays: How to Deal with that Job You Hate

Monday, December 28, 2015

If there is one thing I really dislike about life it is working. Paychecks are great and networking is essential but the job itself kind of sucks.  We have ALL had a job somewhere down the line that we hated but needed to stick with. Wether it is because the tasks get old, the company drains you, or your team is inefficient, you just can;t find joy in that job anymore. Most of the time this happens because that company has a nice shiny pair of golden handcuffs around your wrists. They pay you too well to go anywhere else. Schedule flexibility is another reason too.

Regardless, we've all been there, we all hated it, but jumping ship is not always an option.  We need to find ways to make it not so unbearable.


Make a friend: Everyone needs an office buddy. I know there like a general rule about "fraternizing" in the office but where else do you expect to meet people?  It will make your shift more enjoyable if you have someone to share your misery with. Also, a happy hour buddy is not a bad thing either.

Challenge Yourself: You have your daily to-do list or sales goal but crank it up a notch. Conquer that list in half the time it would usually take you so you can take an extra long coffee break, talk to a few more customers to get your numbers up just a tad. Volunteering for a task you usually wouldn't do is a step in the right direction too. Change your environment a little bit.

Decorate your space: If you have a desk or a locker add little pops of flair to it. Things that will make you happy. I've even seen some people completely switch out their desk chair for a yoga ball. It's supposed to be stress relieving. You'll have to take that up with the experts though.

DON'T look at the clock: If you can help it steer clear of that ticking timebomb, and I'm not just talking about your boss. A job you already don't like will go slower if you keep adding up how many hours you have until your off. Give yourself a hard limit like checking the clock three times per day... choose wisely.

Quit: I'm just letting you know its an option.

Watch out for false starts: Not everything is going to start off smooth every morning. Don't a few hardships stop you from having the best day possible. You might get a couple in a row right off the back. Suck it up, deal with it and move on with your day.

Pack a snack: Preferably a guilty pleasure because it makes it much more enjoyable when you get to eat it. Sweets can also be a good motivator as well. Stressed backwards is desserts.

Remember it is not permanent: No matter how stuck you might feel now, there are millions of jobs out there. Recently, a study was done and people are expected to have 18 different jobs in their lifetime. Thats like a new job every 2 years.

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