LED or Oh, Please: A Cell Phone Rant

Friday, December 4, 2015

We are all so annoying now. 

I'm not even kidding. We drop things because our phone is in our hands, we video every moment of our lives, and we can't go anywhere without at least one phone ringing. It's almost as if we are always waiting for a better opportunity to present itself.

Think back to the last time you went out to dinner. Did anyone at the table have their phone right on the table,  continually taking a quick glance every time the screen lighted up? Did you have to repeat yourself multiple times before they finally tuned in? We are all too familiar with this situation. We live in a world now where everyone needs to be in the midst of a conversation all the time.

I've seen it played out two ways:

A.) Everyone at the table is texting so no one is paying attention to how ridiculous we look.

B.) One person is texting, and the other person is sitting there watching you text.

Being a victim and a criminal of both, I can say, this needs to stop.

Why do people feel the need to document their every move while out to dinner? The food doesn't care if it's on Instagram, it just cares if it's in a belly.

It wouldn't bother me so much if people were more aware of whats going on around them. If someone is a cafe and they've seated themselves next to someone who is apparently trying to get work done, and they can't take half a second to turn their phone on silent to stop that annoying "ding" then they're doing cell phones wrong. Have a little courtesy.

Just the other day I was driving, and the light was green for me to continue driving, this lady decides she's going to cross the street right where my car is headed because her nose is buried in her phone. Do you think she even looked up when she heard my brakes squeal to stop? Nope. There was not even a stutter in her step.

Oh, and people stop randomly to take pictures of everything. They're distracted by their phone before they even have it out yet! Sorry. Please excuse my head in the back of your selfie.

Then there is always the "I'm not texting!" excuse. We've all been there. We have something that is so important it needs to be taken care of right NOW. I won't stop someone from their life, I understand things come up, but if the "urgent matter" is beating someone on candy crush, then they need to rethink their priorities.

My favorite is when people spill their drink because they try to have their phone and cup in one hand. I hope they talk to me after they get 3rd-degree burns on their lap because they couldn't put down their phone.

All common courtesy has fled the millennial gates. Has anyone noticed a wear down in patience over the last few years? People expect things instantly and although technology can do that, humans cannot. I can't get that e-mail to you in 5 minutes because I still have to type it. It's not logged in a hard drive somewhere.

Don't get me wrong. Cell phones are honestly the most convenient thing since sliced bread (although not more comfortable because nothing will ever compare to sliced bread). We can google anything and keep in contact with loved ones on a more constant basis. I just think we all need a little practice in setting down the technology and enjoying the company we have around us. Have a face to face conversation once in a while, whether it's for practice or because you genuinely enjoy conversing not through emojis but emotions.

Challenge: Put your phone down for an hour and see if the world is still spinning. Chances are looking pretty likely for you.

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