Trendset Tuesdays: Open Face Poker

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Las Vegas is the city of sin but it's the city of crunching numbers too. Texas Hold 'em, black jack, craps, are all games based on odds. If there is a card game, you can bet it is in one of the casinos on the strip. It is no comparison that Texas hold 'em is one of the most popular poker games in the world. With its establishment, that doesn't mean people aren't looking at other poker game concepts to indulge in. The Chinese cultures are very fond of poker traditions and have adopted multiple versions of he gambling game.

Lately there has been a game on the rise where a player can play multiple hands and rack up points, or cash. Open Face Poker (OFC) is drawing more and more attention to major gaming brands. It is a game for those high spenders looking for some added entertainment and suspense. Players simultaneously pick up 13 cards from a single deck. They then need to make three hands from those thirteen cards marking each one their “top,” middle,” and “bottom.” The top and middle hands consist of 5 cards, while the bottom hand is only three. That equals thirteen, right? Just making sure you’re paying attention.

Each player’s hands are scored against each other. The top hand of player one versus the top hand of player to, so on and so forth. Po9ints will be given or taken away depending on how it measures up.

If you would like to see the statistics behind the madness, or want to give it a try your self, check out Poker News for the complete guide on this uprising table game.

This game has widely been recognized across the Asian continent and has been growing popularity in the United States as well. There are OFC competitions and interviews of big time players expressing their interest in the game.

Now, if you were anything like me when I turned 21, you wouldn’t catch me at a table game. The dealers, the rules and that pit boss always giving you the stink eye was all very intimidating for me. You have to go with someone who knows the system so you feel more comfortable. If you don’t have anyone to go with, take a chance. The dealers want you to win because they want you to tip them, so they can be very helpful. Before jumping straight into OFC, I suggest you check out the Texas Hold’em table, Baccarat or regular Chinese poker.

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