Trendset Tuesdays: Watches for Him, Time for Her

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A watch is probably the classiest touch anyone can add to an outfit.  Even with all the fun technology out there in the world, watches are still an extremely convenient piece. In a business meeting and can’t check your phone? Good thing you keep your watch game strong.
The holiday season is here.  Is your dad lacking a little sparkle? Is your boyfriend’s wrist a little bare? Could anyone use an update? A watch is the perfect go-to gift for any budget too. You can find some at a collectors level or the off brand at the local swap meet has a little pizazz too. Regardless of the price, 2016 is filled with the simpler things in life.  In 2016, think smaller. Get away from the big-faced watches and go towards a more minimal style.  Less is more in this case.

Watches have always been a man’s treasure and they’re the best gift to give (and get). Think about it. They can never be late again!  Also, there are an unlimited amount of styles guys can choose from but what styles are the top dog? What’s the look for 2016? After doing some extensive research through the men’s magazine section here is what I have come up with:

Elegant: A watch that has the capability to be interchangeable. He can change the straps, the face, or maybe even have their name engraved in it. I know some men out there are extremely picky about their jewelry. This allows them to sport whatever style they’re feeling that day, and they have no excuse to be late.

Casual: Less is more with this concept. Some want a watch just because the need the basic function of time telling.  That is a totally fair reason (duh!).  There is a simple narrow, leather strap with a basic face. Essentially, the easiest watch to tell time with that has hands and is not digital. “A classic dial with traditional batons, a slim case and a leather strap is bang on trend for 2016,” says Matthew Rowell, UK Brand Manager at 88 Rue du Rhone. Classic and effortless.

Bold: Watches are trying out dome daring concepts lately. They now have some threading or a face that is a complimenting color to the watch. I’ve seen a lot more reds, oranges, and yellows being used to make a feature on the watch stand out lately. Typically these faces have the date on them as well, so he can’t get that anniversary wrong!

Sport: To me, the digital watches fall under this category. Digital watches such as Android watch, apple watch, and activity trackers. A lot of port companies are utilizing the watch concept for fitness purposes and this has really been a big scene in 2015 which will continue on into the summer of 2016 I believe as well.

Overall, you’re going to want to focus on leather straps and a simple face. You can have multiple aspects on the watch such as a compass, the date, and other things but the face has to have a clean look in order to follow under GQ’s Watch Guide for 2016.  Keep the men in your life updated, because it might just work out that the time you give them, will equal the time they give you.

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