January 2016: Flagstaff, AZ

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Flagstaff, Arizona

If you are able to have a car while going to Arizona it would definitely be beneficial. Not for the Flagstaff area itself but around Flagstaff is the Grand Canyon and other stops. We made a road trip out of our Flagstaff trip. On the way back  to Vegas we stopped at Flintstone's Bedrock City, the Grand Canyon, Williams, and Seligman. 


There is some fun art around town that is kind of cool to take pictures in front of. There are a lot of boutiques and thrift stores too. Keep in mind it is a college town. I recommend going when students are still in school because there is more of a chance something will be happening as opposed to summertime when they all go home. 

Maloney's: Drinks are super cheap here. I ordered an Adios and it was $6. Coming from Vegas that is like 75% off. They have a DJ and broadcast radio straight from the bar. The staff was super nice, but be careful what you wear. The dress code is kind of strictly enforced. This guy was sent out because he had joggers on but they let people with hoodies on.... 

Lumberyard: Hot spot for dancing. On Fridays the Lumberyard has line dancing with some pop songs thrown in there. Find yourself someone who knows how to two-step and you will have so much fun! The food is delicious as well. They have nightly specials.

Higher Grounds Coffee: The dopest coffee shop. They have free wifi, bomb breakfast burritos, and a mean dirty chai latte. They have a whole bunch of art hanging around the room. The space is extremely open and they focus a lot on local artistry. 

Fat Olives: Best artisan pizza I have had in a while. They stray away from average toppings. The pizza we got had salmon on it and others have prosciutto and baby arugula toppings. 

Flintstone's Bedrock City: It is a different kind of stop. It is great for a photo op, and admission into Bed Rock city is $5. I recommend going in the spring time though.

The Grand Canyon: Nuff' said. It is the Grand Canyon; one of the seven wonders of the world.

Williams: Quaint little town along Route 66. They're the official Route 66 town. It is a bunch of little gift shops that sell gemstone jewelry and Route 66 memorabilia. 

Seligman: There is about one gas station there and a couple of older styled cars to look at. Not worth the stop in my opinion. 

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