New Year, Improved Me 2.0

Monday, January 18, 2016

New Year, Improved me is en route! I've heard some great acts that you all have done and it makes me so happy! Please feel free to keep them coming! You can use the contact form here or leave them in the comments!

Here's a few stories of how my little words of encouragement have made an impact on others. 

I have a coworker who is the most helpful and positive person I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He tells everyone they're doing a good job and that he appreciates that they are there. Sometimes he said it so much I thought he was being sarcastic but no. He is a genuinely nice and kind person. I tried to keep up with him and letting people know how much I appreciated them being there helping with whatever project we had to complete. Some just smiled and said thank you and some were completely surprised that someone noticed the hard work they put into their tasks.

I wrote six thank you letters. Yes, wrote them. I used a pen, bought some thank you cads, and even snail mailed the envelope. Emails are great but nothing says appreciation like a handwritten note. Four out of those six called me to express their gratitude, and that was an awesome feeling.

So, I wrote on here to give a homeless man some food and water but I kind of went a different route because he already had his coffee in front of him. My friend and I went to a local coffee car orders and sat down, this man over heard us talking and joined in on the conversation. After talking for a bit, he told us he was homeless. We sat there for a minute because it was such an abrupt comment, and we had never encountered that situation before. We moved onto his travels as a homeless man and he was very knowledgeable of survival techniques, hitch hiking, and loving his life to get where he needed to be. After a while, we needed to leave so we thanked him for talking to us and he seemed so grateful to have a conversation with someone willing to talk. We didn't need to give him anything except for a little bit of our time. 

As promised, I have a few more to add onto your list of acts of kindness. 

Day 16: Bring treats to the office for everyone to share

Day 17: Call your grandpa or aunt; someone you haven't spoken with in a while.

Day 18: Go out of your way to make a new friend. (i.e. Sit with them at lunch)

Day 19: Tip your server... Generously.

Day 20: Babysit or petsit for no charge 

Day 21: Donate to a good cause.

Day 22: Compliment a stranger.

Day 23: Run an errand for someone or go with them. 

Day 24: If you see some trash, pick it up. Don't want for someone else to do it.

Day 25: Help someone carry their bags

Day 26: Hug someone that looks like they need it.

Day 27: Put extra change in a meter or vending machine 

Day 28: Donate blood or your hair.

Day 29: Clean off the counter

Day 30: Tell a joke because laughter is contagious.

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