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Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Year, New Me

Seems to be the saying of every new years, although I could't agree more I think "New year, improved me" is a better saying. Don't change who you are just because you need to change your 5 to a 6. Resolutions are a great way to start the year, and if you don;t have any that's fine too. The start of a new year is refreshing and has the capabilities of clearing minds. A fresh start, the turn of a new leaf.

My resolution this year is to insert an act of kindness each day. To me, that sounds like a lot of work but the more I thought about it the more I realized a small act of kindness has a bigger ripple effect than you think. There was a lady who paid for the persons coffee behind her and so did over 1,000 more customers after her. Check it out here. Stories like that are amazing to me.

If you do, or if you don't have a New Years Resolution, I encourage you to participate in monthly resolutions, weekly, or even daily resolutions (365  Daily Resolutions). An act of kindness, big or small, is a good starting point.

So here's the challenge:

Start with two weeks, then move on to a month. I'll post again just before the 2 week mark for those of you that want to keep going, or for those that might want to start mid month. It's never too late to be kind. 

Day 1: Spend a day saying nice things about -and too- other people

Day 2: Tell someone you're glad they're here or that they are doing a good job

Day 3: Donate clothes you don't need

Day 4: Let a car merge in front of you, smile, and give them a head nod or thumbs up.

Day 5: Ask someone how they are, if they tell you really listen. 

Day 6: Cook a meal for your mom.

Day 7: Give up your seat for someone else

Day 8: Cover for a co-worker so they can leave their shift early

Day 9: Write a thank you letter or an appreciation letter to a mentor or leader

Day 10: Give the homeless man you see on that corner some food an water. 

Day 11: Give encouragement to someone who is working hard

Day 12: Put misplaced grocery carts back in the cart rack in the parking lot

Day 13: Volunteer somewhere!

Day 14: Leave a funny note or cash for someone in a library book

Day 15: Say thank you to someone that does a hard job not many people would take on. 

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