Skill Set Saturday: Beat The Office Blues

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Boring days got you down? Whether you have the typical 9-5 job or you're on your feet constantly we all know we're not working the full time. We take little breaks to check our email, the game, stalk an ex, or eat a snack. I am all for office team builders and I think games are a good way to capture your co-workers attention. If you can get your boss included you get bonus points too. Quit being bored in the boardroom and make your work a game.  

There are so many emails to pretend you didn't see and so little time!

Some things to consider before you participate in any office games though:
  • Make sure the games are able to include everyone in the office if necessary.
  • Start with an icebreaker if time allows to get even the most reluctant to play involved. 
  • Avoid actual prizes because that will be the expectation after every office game.

Office Dares: Have everyone involved write up an HR appropriate office dare on a piece of paper. Put all suggestions into a pencil holder or coffeepot and have each participate draw their dare. They must complete said dare within the given time frame (i.e. one hour, one week, one day, etc). Some examples could include slowly edging your chair towards the door in the course of a meting, whenever you speak hold your pen to your mouth like a microphone, ask if "they want fries with that" when you are given a task.

Tupper-where's the lid?!: The break room fridge is a mess again. There are two ways to play this. Each person has to try and guess whose tupperware is whose. You rack up points with correct answers and lose points for wrong answers. Another option is breaking off into teams and scattering the tubs and their lids. Whichever team can math all the lids to their bowls correctly and the quickest wins. Either way the loser has to clean out the break room area.

Boardroom Lingo BINGO: Make up some bingo cards with commonly used words and phrases that are said during a meeting. Every time a phrase or word is spoken in your meeting mark off that spot. First person with 5 in a row or black out wins. Spice it up: bring a drink with you and take a sip every time your word was called, once someone has 5 in a row or a blackout the loser must down his or her drink. Yelling BINGO is optional. 

Office Olympics: This get s little more intense as there are many rounds and you don't want to forget the opening ceremonies. Medals are definitely optional but highly appropriate in this setting. 
Round One: Water cooler relay- Spread players out equally on track (or down hallway). The first player will fill the cup up fully and then run to the next person passing the cup off. This is repeated until the cup passes the finish line. The team to finish first gets 20 points and the team with the most water gets 10 points. 
Round Two: Pen Javelin- Players will throw their pen (dart style) as far as possible. Who ever throws the farthest pen will receive 20 points for their team.  Points will be deducted for hitting other players, but points will be added if you hit the boss. 
Round Three: Office Chair Mario-Kart- Each team has the option to select whichever chair they would like but the object is to roll the chair from the starting point to the other side of the court, roll the chair back and pass it off to the next player. The team to have all players go through the course will in 30 points.

Feel free to make up your own games to add onto your olympics or have game day Wednesdays. You can make it all your own. Be sure to include the whole office and may the odds be ever in your favor.

P.S. Don't get caught. 

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