February 2016: San Francisco, CA

Saturday, February 13, 2016

San Francisco, California

Go to San Francisco for the shopping! Their selection is amazing no matter what store you go into. I'm still financially recovering from our San Francisco trip because I bought so much stuff. 

  • Do not stay in Tenderloin, San Francisco. 
  • Keep your eyes to the ground and keep your RBF (Resting B*tch Face) game strong when passing homeless people. They will catcall you like none other (male or female) and you need to ignore them.
  • Uber/Lyft everywhere if you need to get somewhere not in walking distance. Although, we walked a lot of places that probably were not in walking distance. 
  • Don't trust Siri when you're on the "walk" label. She will lead you in the wrong direction on multiple occasions. I would ask a local.
  • If you can get access to a rooftop, there is not a bad view in sight.
  • Always keep cash on you because you never know when you're going to want a street hot dog from a street vendor.

Things to do:
Audio Night Club/Bergerac Bar: A really neat set up but I was not a fan of their DJ line up the night we went. Audio is attached to Bergerac bar and the bar was so chill. Good music and a decent size crowd.
(Fun fact: the DJ at Bergerac was one of our lyft drivers the next day---small world, eh?)

Clarion Alley: Local artists come down and paint all sorts of designs or messages along the walls in this ally. 

Golden Gate Bridge: It's cool if you've never seen it before there is nothing to do around that area though. It makes for a great background photo. 

Things to eat:
Fishermans Wharf: You have to get clam chowder from any of the restaurants in this area!

Little Griddle: They have the best french toast and grilled cheeses. That's kind of a weird combination but we stopped in at about 11:30 and we wanted breakfast and lunch so we got both. It is a small place but its hipster enough to do the trick.

Oasis Grill: Some of the best Mediterranean food I've had. It has the vibe of a chipotle but it's Mediterranean food. There is a lot of flavor involved. It can get pretty crowded around lunch time but it is right in the heart of where you SHOULD be shopping. 

Mission Street: This is not exactly one of the finer streets in San Fran but if you make your way down to Mission street you have to buy a burrito or taco from one of the multiple Mexican restaurants down there. They will change your life. 

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