Take a Step Out of the 21st Century and Turn Your Phone Off

Friday, March 11, 2016

If I had to count how many times I check my phone in a day, I think I would be so upset with myself knowing how much time I spend on it. I don't even know why we call them phones anymore because that is probably one of the least used features. I think the Podcast app gets more attention than the phone call component. Moving on, I used to be so attached to my phone. I would regularly check social media, look things up and miss what was going on right in front of my face.

Always checking my phone created this subconscious pressure to respond to texts when other people wanted me to instead of when it was convenient for me. I never thought about what I was saying, and I would just shoot off a casual reply without processing the information. I wanted to spend my time more wisely. I found myself being content with how bored I did not know what was happening in the world every second. I tried to take up new habits and enhance my self-control.

Here's my list of distractions to put off looking at my phone.

Write a note to someone you appreciate.
Read a magazine. I recommend Fast Company
Do a puzzle. A real, tangible puzzle. It works a different part of your brain than candy crush.
Paint your keys, just because you can, and then you will be able to identify your keys easier.
Color code something. Your books, your underwear drawer, your closet is a big challenge but if you're desperate enough you can do it!
Stretch. Yoga or something.
Take a stab at Origami. Step 2. Give up because no one ever gets anywhere with that.
Work out. You don;t need to do a full workout if you don't want too but I mean a push-up or two couldn't hurt.
Test out the Podcast app you probably didn't know you had and went for a walk.
People watch. Additionally, buy big sunglasses to wear while people-watching.
Google a flight to somewhere. It might be cheap. You don't know!
Color. It's a thing right now.
Do a handstand.
Take a nap. I don't even know why I need to list this out.
Clear your room out.
Plan a garage sale for all of the stuff you found in your room. One man's trash is another man's treasure.
Start a blog, then hit me up.
Call your grandma!
Meal prep for the week.
Make your bed.
Listen to a TED talk. Here is my favorite. How To Stop Screwing Yourself Over
Look for another job.
Come up with a dance routine
Eat a lollipop
Participate in a 5k, or sign up for one.
Crash a wedding.
Make a list. You might be surprised how satisfied you feel when you can cross an item off.
Floss your teeth.
Go shopping, maybe window shopping.
See how long you can hold your breath. You might want to be supervised while doing this though.
Practice your wastebasket basketball skills. The tournament is coming up soon.
Make a video. This could be hard if your only camera is your phone.

This is counter productive, but there are apps to put your phone on pause. It's almost like a "do not disturb" setting or putting your device in airplane mode, but the app gives you feedback on how many times you unlock your phone or use it in general.

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