The Pact I Never Made

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

"You can't logic your way through an emotion" is a quote that resonates with me because I know I am someone who has to analyze why or how something happened. I like to think things over, but emotions and feelings are something that I need work through which is why I travel. Traveling provides me with a sense of happiness and allows me to learn through experience.

I am a firm believer in traveling for any reason. I think it soothes the soul to let a restless mind escape for a bit. I highly encourage it if a hardship takes place in your life. If you lose your job, break up with a significant other, lose a pet, or have any crisis, getting away from the norm is the ultimate therapy. You can easily keep yourself busy and your mind from running to the problem you are trying to avoid. It's human nature not to want to deal with hardships that come up in life. Some choose to deal with them right away and some choose to dwell, regardless of your coping mechanism; traveling to an unknown spot is highly encouraged.

My journey thus far.


I had a trip to Seattle booked previously, and it could not have come at a perfect time (funny how things work out like that). My two closest friends and I had our getaway to a city we had never seen before. We ignored our responsibilities for a weekend and went shopping, bar hopping, and met so many new people.

The next trip was to Laughlin. This wannabe Vegas is only a little over an hour away from where I live, and I go there more often than I am willing to admit. My best friend, Ariel, and I hadn't been friends for all that long, but we managed to make this little one-night stay worth our while. We lost a little too much money but gained so many memories.


My flight was booked to Salt Lake City, Utah. I've been here before multiple times, but I was able to spend Christmas with family members I only see maybe once or twice a year. It's always good to catch up, play board games, and indulge in a glass of wine with good company.


Continuing, Flagstaff, Arizona was my next stop and so far my favorite. I highly recommend this place if you are all about great bars and cheap drinks. Flagstaff was the perfect college road trip get away. There is a restaurant/bar called Lumberyard where they have country music and line dancing. That was their hotspot for the college population, and I met so many locals that proved to me the world is smaller than you think.


Recently, I went to San Francisco. San Francisco has fantastic shopping and beautiful weather. This place put my character to the test. I've never had to act so toughly in a city before. It is not a place I need to go back to anytime soon, but I'm glad I went for the time I was there.


Coming soon

Cancun for spring break, because what else would I be doing? I need a hot spot after visiting snowcapped mountains and windy streets. I am excited to get my passport out and lay out in the sun. That is all I can report for now because this hasn't happened yet, but I'm assuming I will do all of the basics.

The pact itself.

"Go out of town at least once per month in 2016."

Since November I have managed to go out of town at least once per month without actually realizing it. I've created a dream draft of all of the places I would like to see someday. Although, I haven't crossed any of the items off of my list, I'm not dissatisfied with the trips I have taken. This pact I subconsciously made to myself, was to get out of town at least once per month; whether it is a day trip or a weeklong vacation. I didn't plan it that way; it just kind of worked out. When I write this down, it sounds crazy and expensive, but I've been able to make it happen and not break the bank or change my lifestyle. I have friends that are willing to make these trips with me that make it that much more exciting.

Now taking suggestions for April through December! Comment below if you have any.

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