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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

52 Things You Can Give Up For Lent

Lent is today. In case you were wondering why people are walking around with black smudges on their foreheads.
Lent is a season in the Christian faith where Christians focus on prayer, fasting, and bettering themselves to allow them to grow closer to God. Lent is 40 days with Easter being the last day and Fat Tuesday is the pre-game. To start off the season, there is Ash Wednesday. The ashes symbolize your commitment to God for this period.

Every year, lent sneaks up on me, and I'm never prepared for what I want to give up. Some people are creative with their resolutions but others, like me, do the necessary "I'll give up french fries." This year, I am fully prepared to give up some of my guilty pleasures. While I was thinking about what I wanted to give up, I realized that just because I don't want to give up something doesn't mean it might not be a bad idea for someone else to give it up. I ransacked my brain coming up with these so now you have to pick one.

Here you have it friends, 52 things you can give up for Lent today!

  1. Soda
  2. Cookies
  3. Crackers
  4. Picking at your nails
  5. Instagram Filters
  6. Instagram itself
  7. Twitter
  8. Facebook
  9. All of the above (if you dare)
  10. Smoking
  11. Drinking
  12. Maybe just give up wine Mondays?
  13. Spitting your gum out into the street
  14. Snacking between meals
  15. Sarcasm
  16. HA, who are you kidding?
  17. Rolling your eyes
  18. Cursing.... I advise you to get a swear jar
  19. Fast food or anything with a drive through. Yes, that does include Starbucks.
  20. The word "bae"
  21. Texting and driving
  22. Snapchatting and driving 
  23. Drinking and driving (Please cut this out of your life permanently)
  24. Finish a book
  25. Read the bible
  26. Forgetting to wear pants
  27. Chocolate. I'm aware Valentines day is right at the beginning of this process, make your choice.
  28. Blaming others because you suck
  29. Subtweeting, because who needs that in their life.
  30. Taking pictures of your food. Maybe just eat it?
  31. In fact, don't take your phone out at all while eating
  32. Checking your phone every 5 minutes
  33. Checking your phone every 10 minutes
  34. Body shaming yourself.
  35. Replying with "K"
  36. Facebook stalking your ex
  37. Stop using the phrase "New year. New me." when it's February (this is mostly for me)
  38. Being late to work
  39. Buying food while at work
  40. Coffee
  41. Caffeinated beverages
  42. Popping Advil on the daily
  43. Pretending like someone is texting you when you're in an elevator
  44. Being awkward around people in elevators
  45. Hoverboarding
  46. Parking on the line instead of between them
  47.  Not reading your textbooks
  48. Thinking you don't have time to volunteer
  49. Using "I'm tired" as an excuse to not do something
  50. Being mean to your siblings
  51. Spending so much money on stuff you don't even need
  52. Yelling at people in your car when you know they cannot hear you

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