Your Cheesy Pick Up Line Won't Work and Here's Why

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Whoever said that cheesy pickup lines are the way to a girl’s heart probably never tested his own theory. I say "his" because I like to assume it was some guy who got lucky with a few words that just happened to be clever enough to grab someone's attention. Realistically though, these pick-up lines are a trap for both parties involved. It puts the receiver in an awkward spot and the initiator isn't portraying their true self through the use of a line they, probably, Googled 4 minutes before using it.

People think others want to hear pickup lines but in all reality, no know knows how to respond to them.

"Are you a camera? Because every time I look at you I smile."
1. No, I'm not a camera? If I was, I wouldn't have swiped right.
2. What kind of response are you trying to get? "That's so clever!" And a ton of heart emojis? No, you might get a "haha" or a "lol" out of it but that is not a real conversation starter.

"I hope you know CPR because you take my breath away."
Nope, looks like you're screwed.

"I need a library card because I would check you out."
Take a step into the century and get a tablet. No card necessary.

"What's your sign?"

Pick up lines are great attention grabbers but it makes it hard for the receiver to respond without them awkwardly laughing and giving you crazy eyes to their friends as soon as you turn away. 
There is a good chance she's out with some of her friends and she just happened to break away from the group because they needed refills. There is also a good chance she put some effort into getting ready to go out to this place. Don't approach her with an awkward comment about how there are stars in her eyes because that will probably be a waste of both y'all's time. 

I guess I just assumed people only used pickup lines in movies, but here we are in 2016, and people are still informing me their shirt is made of boyfriend material. 

Now, if you want to go up to a girl and let her know you have an additional ticket to the Sam Hunt concert, I don't think she would argue with that.


Show you are a person of interest you can have a natural conversation with someone. 
Something I've seen has a higher success rating is observations. Pay attention to what the other person is wearing or doing and make an assumption about what they do for a living. If they're in a business suit assume they're a business owner or in real estate. What is the worst that could happen? You could be wrong. Use it to your advantage. They will probably tell you what they do for a living, and then BAM, you kick-started a conversation.
And then... if you are right, they're super impressed at your mad skills. 

"Be yourself" is typical advice that everybody gives, but the chances are that if she doesn't like the fake you, she might not like the real you. 

It was nice meeting you, let's run into each other again sometime. 

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