In the Words of Usher, These are My Confessions

Monday, March 21, 2016

Did the title of this blog make you click on that tempting link? I hope so. Confessions are always so fun. Everyone seems to get a kick out of knowing the dirty dirt about a person. I like to think it is because there is a good chance they are struggling with the same madness. None of these things are weighing on my mind but I think it's good to do a little cleanse once in a while, so without further ado...

"These are my confessions." - Usher

I confess...

1. I said "Treat yo'self," way too much this past month. The amount of money I've spent on shoes has me highly disappointed in my budgeting skills, or lack there of. 

2. I have broken my habit of making my bed everyday. Probably because I have also broken my habit of not hitting the snooze button 4 times.

3. I have had a major case of writers block lately. I just don't know where the hours go in the day. 

4. Instead of doing any of my online homework, I color coded my underwear drawer. Clearly, I have my priorities in order. 

5. I have received A's on all of my tests and quizzes this semester. See, my life isn't a total mess.

6. I keep telling myself I'm in love with the gym, but I'm just not. I hate the gym.

7. I've learned all the words to every single Fetty Wap song. Test me. 

8. I have three different bottles of wine open in my refrigerator with no intentions of finishing them.  

9. I'm avoiding Target like the plague because I do not need that kind of anxiety in my life. "Buy three get a $5 gift card." Because I need three more tubes of mascara. 

10. I started packing for Cancun almost a week and a half ago. I have no shame, but I have 4 solid outfits for while I'm there.

11. I never charge my phone. I don't think my phone has been on a 100% charge in over a month now. 

12.  I think I'm so funny on Twitter, but really, how funny can someone be in 140 characters or less?

13. I'm way more excited about IKEA opening than I lead on, and I feel like I lead it on pretty strong.

14. I still never know when to use "affect" and "effect." I have to look it up every time. 

15. I miss YikYak on campus. I know it still exists, but it's not as funny when the only people who are on it are complaining about their love life or asking who wants to get high.

16. I hate putting my hair in a bun. Where did all of my hair go? It looks so small on
top of my head.

My confessions are a lot less scandalous than Usher's. #SorryNotSorry 
If you can relate to any of these, holla at me. Maybe we can open one of those unfinished bottles of wine I have and talk about it, but then again, maybe we can just avoid it all together. 

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