Makeup or Make Down: Products That Are Hyped Up For Nothing

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Isn't it the worst when you go and spend money on a product that is hyped up a lot and then when you go to try it out you are completely unsatisfied? Yeah... tell me about it.

I would by no means say I am a "make-up know it all." Don't ask me anything about contouring or lip liner because I will lead you in the wrong direction. I do have an intermediate amount of knowledge about how to make my face look somewhat presentable. I subscribe to Ipsy and you can catch me at Sephora at least once a week. I have my fair share of make-up products which is why I feel entitled to hold this opinion.

Here are some products that are advertised through every outlet, my peers use or have the prettiest packaging that just doesn't measure up to the hype that is created around them.

Pacifica Power of Love Natural Lipstick

I was really excited about this product because it is 100% Vegan and cruelty-free. I think it is awesome when companies can come up with products that use natural resources. They are more limited so I won't be as critical. Pacifica lipstick is the hardest lip product I have ever tried to apply. I have to press down so hard to initially start the application process. I understand the matte look is in but if you have any cracks on your lips at all, they will be highly noticeable. It's supposed to be hydrating and long-lasting, but it just kind of makes me thirsty. Also, since you have to press down in order to see the color of the product on your lip, it could potentially break the lipstick inside the tube. That caused a real inconvenience.

Benefit They're real! Lengthening mascara

I am all about convenience, and that is not what this mascara offers. It's called They're Real! but this product demonstrates nothing of reality. I've purchased two tubes of this mascara because I lost the first one without really getting to try it. It does lengthen, but beyond that, I do not see much of a difference. The brush clumps my eyelashes together and my lashes become hard as rocks. It seems to flake off and when I say flake off I mean little devil pieces jump from my eyelash straight into my eye. The last thing anyone wants to do is rub their eyes when their lash game is on point.

Another thing is when I go to wash it off, it doesn't come off. Hello?! You're not waterproof. What does a girl have to do to get the smudges under her eye to take a hint? Sometimes I'll wash my face, then take a shower and it will still be there. I do not have time to fuss with a washcloth because my mascara has abandonment issues.

Tre'stique Baby Blush Stick (Bora Bora Coral)
Believe it or not, this is actually blush. I was so confused by the packaging. It looks like a lip crayon. I got this in my Ipsy bag and I didn't really read what it was. I assumed it was lipstick. I thought it was odd that it was a flat base when I took the lid off though. Lo and behold, it's actually blush. The joke was on me when I went to use it as lipstick. After finally realizing my mistake, I tried it as blush. One of the main features of gel blush is that it blends together nicely with other products on your face. No, not the case.  It leaves streaks behind. Contouring comes to mind when I look at this gel-based blush. Who contours with a blush? Not me. On the upside, it is infused with coconut oil so it smells nice.

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