March 2016: Cancun, Mexico

Friday, March 11, 2016

Cancun, Mexico

Book an all-inclusive resort! That is the only way to go because your food, lodging, and drinks (alcoholic and non alcoholic) are all included.
My only advice:
  • Bring travel sized bottles of aloe and sunscreen because they will charge an arm and a leg in Cancun. 
  • Take the bus when you want to go anywhere. It's a dollar each way no matter how far you go; even though the island isn't very big.
  • Make friends with people at your resort. You're going to see them at any meal, the pool, and the bar anyways. 
  • Sick of resort food? There is typically a grocery store in a nearby mall and products there are so cheap. Fill up on all your snacks there.
We didn't book any excursions or trips and kept ourselves attached to the beach near the resort. It was so relaxing to not have to stick to a time frame or an itinerary. We went to some local malls and the famous Cancun sign, but that was the extent of venturing off the resort property. 

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  1. Well, you chose an excellent time to visit Cancun, because in March prices are not up yet, if not in April it is high season in the city, by the way I hope you come back soon and know the new things that the city has for you, such as the Mayan Park


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