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Monday, April 4, 2016

I like to dabble in blogging. I'm not an expert in the subject but sometimes I write a decent enough article that is shared to a few thousand people. Blogging is more of a hobby for me. It's a decent talking point. You know those games where you have to stand up and introduce yourself and then say a random fact? I have my random fact now. Sometimes people email me their inquiries or sometimes they are brought up in a conversation. Regardless, they all tend to be the same questions and I am here to shed light on the topic. 

"What is your blog about?"
I still kind of struggle with this question but I have got a lot better at answering it. I write a lifestyle blog with a dash a humor and sarcasm. Maybe a little more than a dash of sarcasm. I like offering up how I approach things of writing about my experiences. If that includes describing your hangover using Taylor Swift lyrics, then so be it. That's why it's a lifestyle blog because it's my lifestyle. 

"How many people look at your blog?"
I don't pay for the features to tell me how many people are on my blog at one time, so that I couldn't tell you. I still cannot offer a definitive number stats wise because it varies every month, every week, every post. Some of my posts get shared 100 times more than another one.  I can tell you who looks at my blog though. Top visitors are from U.S., Brazil, and then the UK. Most people are looking at my blog through the Chrome App and are typically on a windows computer. 

"How do people find your blog?"
Social media for sure. I hashtag the hell out of my posts (Sorry followers). Facebook is a main source because I partake in a lot of blogging groups where we share each other's posts. Google is a handy tool as well. I rename a lot of my images phrases commonly searched in Google, that way I pop up a little more often. Also, by tagging my posts with key words the article is about, multiple search engines can use those words to pull up my post if so,done is searching for so,etching regarding those words. 

"Do you get paid?"
In various ways, yes. Some months are better than others. Product and show reviews are big for bloggers. They either get paid through product, tickets, or Paypal. There are definitely a lot of opportunities to make money blogging. You have to be dedicated to finding them and keeping up with them though. Ads are another little trick to blogging. If you click on the ads on my page I get paid too. I'm not supposed to tell you that but, eh. 

P.S. If you like my blog, share it with your friends. We are all annoying on the internet anyways.

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