SWOLEMATES: Why Meeting "The One" at the Gym Isn't So Bad

People frown upon being hit on at the gym because that is "your time" and "your space" to let loose. I 100% agree with that. The last thing I want is some sweaty guy telling me how to fix my squat form. A gym might seem like the wildest place to pick up someone, but it is one of the best places to meet someone.  I think it is all about the approach. If you go up to someone and hit them with a "come here often" line, your return rate will be very close to zero. Something a little more subtle after a gym class or after you've seen each other in passing more than three times might be a more appropriate time to strike up a normal conversation. There's no harm in looking for love while getting fit in the process because having a swolemate might not be the worst thing in the world.

1. Active Gym-Goers are disciplined. 

It takes a lot of mental strength to dedicate yourself to working out. They put their bodies in situations that will make them feel uncomfortable. It describes their mental state and how they persevere through difficult circumstances. Yes, you can tell all of that just by seeing them deadlift at the gym.

2. Cheat days are with food, not other people.

"Are you cheating on me?"
"I only cheat once a week...WITH A DOZEN DONUTS!"

3. You don't need to think of an excuse to "bump" into them.

Chances are you will see them again if you go to the same gym and have a regular schedule. If you do see them again, they're probably committed to their goal too. BONUS!

4. You can see what you're working with.

Body builder? Body-in-progress? Catching gains? Workout clothes do not hide much, and that fluorescent lighting isn't hiding anything, so you have a clear shot at seeing their full potential the first time you lock eyes.

5.You both have similar lifestyle choices.

Eat, sleep, workout, repeat. Everyone likes a gym buddy. You can motivate each other. You do not have to do the same routine necessarily, but it is nice to know someone at the gym when you need a little five-minute breather.

6. They have an endless supply of tupperware.

You will never have to worry about not having a container to store left over food in.

7. You've already seen each other at your worst.

You're sweaty, maybe out of breath, and probably smell a little. If they're still interested after all of that, there has to be something worth looking into. Let's be real here; no one is "glistening" after leg day.

8. You can challenge each other.

I set internal competitions with others in my head. Things like do two more reps than the girl on the left, pass the guy in front of you on the running track, or go on the front line of the fitness class. Your inner competitive side might come to the surface if completed enough. 

9. The endorphin level is unreal

Exercise releases endorphins throughout the body making you feel happy and confident. Surround yourself with happy people, and you will be happy too. There's a kick-starter for ya. 

10. It's always nice to have someone around that will compliment your butt.

We all know this is the REAL reason we go to the gym, so having someone do it on the regular seems like a bonus. 

Before you know it, you'll be swolemates. You simply cannot lift without one another.


  1. Thanks for the post and great tips..even I also think that hard work is the most important aspect of getting success..

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