From Winter Thing to Spring Fling: My Accessories Wishlist

Friday, May 20, 2016

It is time to say goodbye to that Winter Thing and find my new Spring Fling, with accessories that is. 

(Photo by Zarah Antivo)

Whether the snow is just beginning to melt or you're reaching those 100-degree temps, spring is in full swing so it is time to swap out those winter accessories for a fresh set of spring! This is actually one of my favorite seasons. It is a very cleansing season. I find myself wanting to try a juice diet, wrapping up some projects, wearing bright colors  and cleaning out my closet. Of course you cannot clean out your closet without making sure you have other items to put back in it. I've heard of Spring-cleaning but no one ever mentions Spring-needingI've recently come across Spring, an online store inspired by the fashion boutiques of NYC that features items from more than 800 brands. They just launched their accessories shop, and you could say I've put some more things on my Spring wish list.

Every girl needs a good cross-body bag for summer. I love bags you do not have to hold with your hands. I swing my arms when I walk and I need all the extra room for all the summer shopping I'm going to be doing. 

Unfollowed Cap
"She followed me but my ratio needs a little help so let me check and see if it's really worth following back." Its definitely worth getting this hat though. Shade your face and block the haters. #Bye

Marc Jacobs Sally Strap 28MM
White is tight.... right? I have a ceramic white watch from Fossil that I love but it is time to upgrade to a leather strap. Plus watches you do not have to have adjusted is a real blessing. Wear white while you can because come labor day society cuts you off. Is that still a thing? I hope not.

Tsuki Choker
I recently got back into the choker thing but I have a fixation on silver chokers. I need to branch out and get a gold color of some sort. I love higher neckline shirts so they are a nice little pop. I WILL NOT do the black plastic chokers though. Keep those in '97 y'all. 

Low Beams Nipple Concealer Adhesives
Accessories you can't see are just as important. How do you expect to wear a shirt that has a little side-boob design if you have to cover the look up with a bra? Besides, it's getting hotter; no one wants to wear a bra. Who am I kidding; no one wants to wear a bra ever. 

Flat Card Case in Colorblock Leather
How fun is this!? Look at all the bright colors. This wallet says spring. IF spring was a wallet it would be this one. Granted I can only fit like two dollars and an ID in it but if you travel light, its perfect. 

Gold Open Shank Ring with Swarovski Crystals
If you know me at all, you know I love rings. I even have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to them. (Twinkle Twinkle) This is another to add to the collection. I picked out one for this list but just know I pinned about 12 more haha.

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