May 2016: San Antonio, Texas

Saturday, May 21, 2016

MaySan Antonio, TX

I prepared myself for a western vibe since we were going to Texas, but to my surprise it was more of a cantina style down in the Lone Star State. Tex Mex is a very common restaurant style there. I wasn’t complaining though. I could eat tacos and drink margaritas all day if it were up to me.

The River-Walk
This has got to be the cutest area in all of Texas. Come on down to the Riverwalk if you are prepared to eat or drink the entire night. There are very few shops downtown but there are plenty of bars and restaurants to keep you feeling full for a week!

  • Kremlin’s: We hopped around a lot but always managed to make it back to Kremlin night club. This is San Antonio’s upscale nightclub with a Vegas vibe. No wonder we felt such at home there.  They had great music and test tube shots. Unless you’re there early though it will cost to get in. $10 for girls and $15 for guys, but you get three stories of a nightlife experience. I recommend the top floor
  • Mad Dogs: This place was a little bit more rowdy. It is a crowded bar with various tables and booth spaces, a small dance floor and a stage. It’s a pretty happening tavern with a pub-menu.
  • Rio Rio Cantina: Tex Mex with a California twist but they have some BOMB queso. I recommend Chile con Queso. It is Queso blanco with poblano peppers, tomatoes, onions, a pinch of cilantro and topped with queso fresco. Also the Trio Salsa is not a bad deal either. You can pick your flavors and have at it. I tried Tomato Salsa Verde and Salsa Roja. I was almost terrified to try it because there were three-4 Chile peppers next to the title, but to my surprise it wasn’t spicy at all. In case you didn’t know I’m not a fan of spicy things. They are great appetizers but do not get full on chips! You’ll spoil your dinner.

The Alamo
If you go to San Antonio and don’t go to The Alamo did you even go to San Antonio? This is home of the famous 1836 battle where the Mexican's tried to seize the fort from the texans. The Texas army was outrageously outnumbered, but they held down the fort for 13 days! The Alamo is a symbol of Texas' resistance struggle for independence; which they won later that year.

Japanese Tea Gardens
It's a little green sanctuary in the middle of San Antonio! It was about 10 degrees cooler in there. I had no idea this was a public park. There are exotic plants, flowers, and berries. There was so much green and a spectacular waterfall.

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