May Madness: The Bachelorette Bracket

Monday, May 23, 2016

May Madness has begun for all the bachelorette fans! JoJo is back in action as the new bachelorette. If you ask me heartbreak suits her well. She is coming in strong with highlights, a smile, and a heart committed to this process of finding true love. If you haven't had the chance to see who the lucky guys are, check them out HERE.  

Guys have March madness, but ladies have May madness. While they're out at the bar picking their players we are in the living room selecting our suitors. Have you ever heard of The Bachelorette Bracket? It is the same thing for basketball except we are choosing who will end up as "The One." This is my second season filling out a bracket. I didn't do so hot last time around but I've done extensive research for this season, by extensive I mean I looked up the candidates photos and ranked them from hottest to not-est. It's all for TV anyways! Every Monday for the next 10 weeks I'll be sipping on wine and swooning over the candidates, the good ones at least.

The Bachelorette Bracket

How It Works: 
1. Gather your friends to participate in the Bachelorette Bracket. 
2. Print out your bracket! I got mine from Desiree Hartstock

3.  Check out who will be on the show. They have pictures and questions they have to answer so use your best judgement when selecting your picks. 
4. Fill out weeks 1-10 with your selections prior to the first show airing. This is the hardest part. Eliminating people becomes extremely difficult around week 5 because you're constantly second guessing if you're wrong. I now understand why March madness is so much pressure! 
5. Understand the stakes. Are you playing for money? A wine basket? Loser buys pizza for the last viewing? Bragging rights until next season? 
6. Cross off anyone on your list that is eliminated on the show for the duration of the weeks. Add points for each week. They are indicated on the bracket. 
7. Write your score down for each week 
8. Sit back, sip wine, and watch the men fall to their feet. 

I feel pretty strong about my bracket this time around. My money is on Derek the commercial banker from Florida. He seems like a normal guy with a pleasing personality. His answers were genuine, based on JoJo's last season that seems to be what she's looking for, and he's got a pretty face (BONUS). 
I have Jordan coming in second. That is only because I don't want him to win; I want him for myself haha. So Jordan, if the bachelorette doesn't work out for you maybe I might? We have the same name though... Is that weird? Nahhhh.....
Chase is my third favorite. I believe he has his life together and won't take any crap from JoJos brothers. We all remember them from Ben's season...

Vincent, in my mind, is like Ron from Jersey Shore. He's a barber and likes to party. Yeah you sound like a real family guy. 

Oh let's not forget Brandon, the professional "Hipster." Sounds like some guy who only eats kale salad and lives in his moms basement. 

I think Daniel will leave on his own. He is a 31-year-old male model for Twilight. No, I made that last part up. He looks scary though doesn't he; like a vampire almost.  If he doesn't get enough attention from JoJo from the get-go I think he will walk right off the set. 

Make sure you tune in tonight on ABC for the first episode of the season. 

I also live tweet my feelings, so feel free to follow me on Twitter too. @_CupOfJoJo
As you can see I am highly invested in this. 

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