Why You Need to Start Hot Yoga NOW

Typically hot yoga consists of a room that is all mirrors, 105 degrees Fahrenheit, and 40% humidity. Talk about extreme conditions. While in the hot room, yogi's and yogini's perform 26 postures two times each and have two breathing exercises. 

Yoga is great for two things. 

1. Losing weight. You can burn anywhere from 430 to 720 calories in one class setting.

2. Losing tension in areas you never even knew tension existed in.

Hot Yoga is not necessarily a meditating practice. There are some meditating aspects but the instructor is talking, counting, and motivating through the entirety of the class. During the shavasana pose is when deep breathing and meditating begins. It is more so a reflection on your day and allowing yourself the one or two minutes to be still in the busy world we live in. 

It forces you to watch when you eat. There are certain rules you need to follow in order to properly practice hot yoga. You cannot eat before you go into the hot room. You need to give yourself about 3-4 hours of digestion time, so you really have to plan your day wisely. They say the goal to a great body is 20% working out and 80% how you eat. That also includes how frequently and how much you eat.

It forces you to drink water. You need to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!  Drink water before you come into the hot room and drink water after your practice. You lose a lot of water in the yoga room. Replenish what you lose. Plus, it is also getting into the hotter months of the year. You should be drinking more water anyways.

It teaches you self-discipline. The instructor does not do the poses while in the hot room because it would be too hard on their body to explain how to do the poses and do the poses at the same time. You really have to train yourself to listen to their every word and follow instructions. While in the 105-degree room, you are bound to sweat. You have to learn to just let it go. If you try to wipe it away it will just make you hotter. Self-discipline is mostly about respecting the others in the class. If you are off doing something else, it is distracting to the other practicing members. 

It challenges you... A LOT. Not a lot of people can handle purposely putting their body in such insane conditions. Hot yoga will test your limits and test them again. You will feel dizzy, you will feel tired, but you will feel like a million bucks after it is over. The pain will be worth the gain in the end.

It is yoga practice, not yoga perfect. Everyone in the room is on a different level.  It is not a competition to see who can stretch the farthest or breath the loudest. You do what is best for your body. You end up feeding off of your neighbor’s energy. We all know there are days when the last thing you want to do is go exercise. When the person next to you is having a strong practice, you are going to want that too!

It makes you slow down. We live in a time when everyone is hustling and bustling along. Giving yourself those 60-90 minutes of bettering your practice feels so rewarding. You are giving yourself time to not worry about that text in your inbox or what you're making for dinner when you get home. Take your tie in the room, and take your time winding down from your practice as well.

Hot Yoga makes you... HOT. An hour to ninety minutes in a sauna is bound to change up your skin tone. You develop a yoga glow. As you sweat your pores open up and your skin becomes extremely soft. It does wonders for the epidermis. You come out feeling like a shiny new tow, maybe even shinier than you'd like. (Wink)

People will think you are a total badass. Not that you should live to please others. Yoga is kind of preaching to the opposite end of that spectrum, but let's be real. You feel a sense of accomplishment when you tell someone you do hot yoga and they look at you and tell you "You're crazy." Uh, yeah, that’s kind of the point.