8 Times Social Media Had Your Back

It seems as if social media has a pretty bad rep now-a-days, but if you ask me it has helped me more than hurt me. I like to think of social media as a really good way of connecting me to other people. There's also that solid confidence booster when your following to follower ratio is on point too. 

I want to personally thank the Social Media world. This realm had my back on multiple occasions, and with all the negative nonsense associated with social media, I wanted to approach it in a more positive light.  So here are, 8 times social media had my back

1. Relatable Memes (insert crying emoji)

Social media is great in the sense that you thought you were alone on something but then you see a tweet or a post about someone else with the same problem. You can find a little comfort in the fact that 37,000 other people were in the same boat as you.

2. One word: Filters

... Need I say more? No, but I will.
Filters have your back even when you don't. Those days when you don't do your makeup or those blemishes are coming through; those are the days' filters are your best friends. You can still post selfies that are fire.

3. The ultimate time killer.

You know when you're just chillin’ in the dentist office or waiting around for someone, your timeline becomes your best friend. Since there are so many mediums you have different timelines to scroll through. When you're done with Twitter, you go to Instagram, then Facebook, and when you're done browsing you suddenly realize you know way more about that Taylor Swift/Kimye drama than you did before you started scrolling.

4. Makes your life look amazing

You are in control of what you post. Social media gives us the ability to make it sound like you are living large (if you're lucky enough maybe you literally are). You have followers for a reason; give them something to root for. You can bet there's been a time when you took a photo and thought "this is gold" and for a brief moment in time it probably was. Also, that ex of yours probably saw it. They totally want you back now.

5. Aca-awkward excuses

Who doesn't use social media to get themselves out of elevator awkward situations? We all know no one is texting you when you need them to because that would be all too convenient. Whip out that bad boy and open up one of your fancy-schmancy apps and see what's happening in the virtual world versus the real one.

6. Gathering knowledge

AKA stalking. You met a guy at the bar who is a friend of a friend of a cousin of yours and now you’re Facebook stalking him. You need to know what you're getting yourself into if this is going to go anywhere, right? Gather all of that data. If you're lucky maybe he links his Instagram to Facebook and Twitter too, although like you would need that to find out his other handles. 

7. Coupons and deals 

How many times have you been able to get a cupcake or some discount because you shared something on Facebook? It is amazing! It is like you are rewarded for being social! 

8. That last minute gift idea

The only way I'll remember someone's birthday is if Facebook lets me know. Pinterest has come in clutch so many times for last minute birthday surprises. “21 things you need for your 21st birthday” basket? Consider your gift handled. I also think social media is great for last minute themed costumes. You won't catch me in some store-bought get-up. I'll DIY the hell out of a costume. 

Starbucks Prices are Increasing and I'm Flipping My Lid About It

Today marks the day of much despair for basic white girls everywhere. Starbucks prices are increasing.  Get ready for my Venti sized vent because this is an outrage!  First gas prices go up and now coffee. HOW IS AMERICA SUPPOSED TO FUEL ITSELF?!

I’ll be the first to admit I do enjoy a grande green tea latte every now and again because I can’t justify the idea of spending $5.00+ on a drink that will last me maybe 45 minutes when I won't even spend $0.99 on an app that will last me a lifetime.

It is unbelievable that Starbucks feels the need to increase their prices again! This price change has occurred every summer since 2013.  Select drinks go up in price anywhere from $0.05 – 0.20 per drink. They are the leading coffee brand internationally, so why is this happening?

Despite the fact that coffee prices have been on the decline,  Starbucks drinks have only been marked up. Starbucks says the increase has been put into effect to cover rising wages, rent, and raw coffee prices.  As a frequent buyer in the coffee industry, little things like this upset me.

Don't get me wrong though. I get it. Starbucks is convenient, friendly, and offers a variety of drinks, but at what cost? It seems like I have to sell my soul just to get a caramel macchiato. As loyal customers, Starbucks knows we will give in. We will still purchase the drink even if it is $0.30 higher. Coffee habits are hard to break.

Because of practices like this, I have become an advocate for local coffee shops. They have just as much of a varied menu, a distinct feel, and can be as convenient as any Starbucks. To me, a great coffee shop is about great coffee and an experience to go along with it. While local coffee shops have the micromanagement to focus on these two things, Starbucks seems only to see the business side. You go in, you order, you go out. Coffee shops make you want to do more than just buy a coffee. I like curling up in a plush armchair with my laptop, a book, or even a conversation that lasts anywhere from fifteen minutes to two hours.

Regardless, I am still a sucker for the chain store. I still stop in because I live in a city that doesn’t allow me that kind of time in the morning. I know my order, and I know how long it will take.  Thirty cents might not seem like a lot now but over the course of six months it will add up, and my wallet will feel it. None the less, I will probably wake up tomorrow, late and have to rush out the door, swing by the drive-through and pay a little extra for that green mermaid on my cup. I am paying a premium price for premium convenience.

Pale & Porcelain: Make up for the Fair Skinned

I have the trickiest time being outside. I burn after three minutes (SPF 70 in full effect), afterward, I am red for days on end and I don't even have a tan to show for my pain and suffering. Being a pale person is a really tough job.  People ask me if I'm tired when I am not wearing any makeup, or ask if I am sick when I forget to dab on some concealer. It is a constant struggle. THANKFULLY, the make-up queens are looking out for those of us that are translucent. 

Freedom Favorites: Cheers to 240 Years

We the people like to party.
Cheers to 240 years!

The Fourth of July is easily one of my favorite holidays. Surrounded by fireworks, barbecues, and family wearing nothing but swimsuits and sunscreen. This is the heart of summer right here.