6 Things To Prepare Yourself For An Epic Costa Rican Vacation

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Ah, Costa Rica, the land of pure life. Pura Vida! I have to say I was completely amazed by how much I enjoyed my time in Costa Rica. The jungle is lush and the beaches are incredibly relaxing. A vacation here could immediately feel like a home away from home. Some of the key features include the extremely lively nightlife and the unbelievably fresh food. However, every traveler has their own comfort zone they like to stick to, here are a few details that definitely pushed mine:

1. No Street lights. There are no street lights on highways. Be extremely careful at night if you are driving and watch the road when you are taking any form of public transportation. The roads have a surplus of curves without barriers that could lead your car straight off a cliff. I’m assuming you don’t want that. Use your high beams when possible.

2. Sensitive plumbing. The plumbing system is really delicate. In every establishment, there will be a sign posted warning patrons not to flush toilet paper or anything else down the toilet. There are trash cans provided nearby for you to dispose of any materials. This is something I am personally not used to but I bet the US wouldn’t have as many plumbing issues if we followed suit. 

3. There aren't any addresses. They don’t have street numbers but they have street names. It makes it very difficult to pinpoint an exact location when traveling. GPS is a solid system to have in your car or on your phone while in Costa Rica. Drop a pin where you are staying to make it easier to track back too. 

4. Don’t expect a drive through. Hungry at 11:00 p.m.? You won’t find many stores that will be open at that time. You have to get your fix early or prepare with snacks. Be prepared, most dining options are sit down restaurants or bars. They have A LOT of bars. 

5. Toll Roads. Unpaved roads are quite common in Costa Rica. Tolls are to be expected for all major highways and highly traveled roads. Since the streets are not as developed keep a couple hundred Colones in your pocket to pay the booths for access. Also, take toll traffic into consideration; plan for your commute to take additional time.

6. Policia. Two things you need to be wary of. 
1. They don’t really enforce a lot of traffic laws or misdemeanors as American’s would categorize them. They spend more of their time looking for bigger obstacles like drug deals and fights. 
2. If you are with a large group, they will approach you. Just be aware that they may ask for your ID/passport and ask you to open your bags.

Now that you are better prepared, book your trip to Costa Rica and enjoy your time there. It is a beautiful land with helpful locals and extreme activities.


  1. Wow! I've been wanting to visit Costa Rica for so long, but I was never aware of how different it was than my expectations (makes for more of an adventure). No street names is a surprise- I'll be sure to bring a GPS as you suggested!

  2. Great tips! Always wondered about driving in Costa Rica. Sounds like driving at night is not a good idea. Are there a lot of mountains you drove up without barriers? That always terrifies me. Pinning for future reference!

  3. Well one I love your blogs look! It's so elegant and simple! And secondly I have always wanted to do more traveling. Costa Rica was on a list of one of the most affordable vacations to do! As a result it has always been on my bucket list to go! Thank you so much for all the tips!

  4. I need to see more pics! Sounds like a wonderful and still quite wild place to visit :)


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