An Open Letter to My Best Friend: Everything I Never Thanked You For

Dear Best Friend, Female Boo, Bae All Day,

"They say nothing lasts forever; dreams change, trends come and go, but friendships never go out of style." The ever famous Sex and the City writer Carrie Bradshaw had the right idea when she said that. Best friends are the core to making our lives as amazing as they are. You are there for me through it all. Every piece of good news, gossip, and heartache goes to you first. You put up with a lot, so I think it's time I thank them for every single thing you do to make my life worth living.  Here's to you best friend, everything I never thanked you for. 


  • Letting me call you even though I just left you 15 minutes ago
  • Reminding me my mini crisis are still significant 
  • Posing over and over again, so we get the perfect picture
  • Telling me, I don't look fat
  • Sharing your chocolate cake with me
  • Calling the Uber
  • Keeping my secrets
  • Laughing at my jokes
  • Giving me bad hair day sympathy
  • Letting me call you whenever I'm in the car
  • Introducing me to new music
  • And not getting annoyed when I listen to the same song on repeat 
  • Always Dressing up with me
  • Not judging me
  • Putting up with all of my screenshots of people doing stupid things 
  • Siding with me as reassurance that I am not crazy
  • Going out with me even when you're tired
  • Doing absolutely nothing with me 
  • Always being so reliable 

  • Supporting all of my good and bad decisions
  • Bringing the wine
  • Calling me when your day was hard
  • Picking up my tab
  • Telling the DJ to play my favorite song
  • Rationalizing my feelings on the situation, I'm over analyzing 
  • Being my biggest supporter
  • For not saying I told you so when you told me so 
  • For typing my text messages to the new boy, I'm interested in
  • Going out of your way for me even when it is not convenient 
  • Knowing when something is wrong with me and how to make it better
  • Never letting me think jean jumpers are fashion forward 
  • Making me laugh until I cry
  • Letting me borrow your clothes 
  • Taking midnight snack trips with me
  • And not judging my Taco Bell order

  • Rescuing me from the guy I dont want to talk to
  • Being there through the good times and the bad
  • Taking spontaneous trips with me
  • Listening to me talk in circles about my life, even after you already told me a solution to my problem

And lastly thanks for being you!