The Millennial's Survival Kit to the Tropics

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Pack smarter, not harder! Millennial travelers are constantly moving on to the next big thing. We seek out adventure and extreme activities to cure the constant urge to find the next best thing. We are a digitally savvy group of people in need of keeping our connectivity strong. Diving into new cultures and exotic travels has become a huge part of our lifestyles. Here is my list of NECESSITIES for all tropical vacations. Trust me, these are all a must, I learned the hard way.

Sunscreen: Sunscreen is an absolute must and if you don’t think to bring it you will be sorry. The resorts know how to get the tourists where it hurts. I paid $18.00 for sunscreen in Cancun and an additional $16.00 for Aloe. All I can say is PREPARE YOURSELF.

AfterSun Cream: If you didn't take the previous warning seriously, AfterSun is a cream you can put on your body after the sun has already completely burnt you. Unless you stay indoors all day, the sun will get you.

Electronics and Their Accessories:
Selfie Stick: These are obnoxious, yes, but they work so well! You know what kind of photo you want to capture so it is easier if you get it yourself. You get a wider view and a different perspective! 

Digital Camera: As millennials we love capturing the moment. We seek out thrilling adventures and nightlife as opposed to a leisurely vacays. Whether it is a Go-Pro or a Sony, cameras are key when it comes to documenting your travels. There is only so much a phone can capture. Cameras offer a wider perspective. I don't have a go pro because it's just not my style. I use a Panasonic Lumix digital camera and it works just fine. Remember to take in the views with your eyes though. There is only so much a lens can capture. 

Waterproof Cases: PROTECT YOUR ASSETS. Most of the activities you will be doing will be near or in the ocean. I honestly do not trust those life proof cases. Don't waste your money on them. Buy a waterproof sleeve or pocket style. These usually come with a lanyard and you can slip your phone into the water proof pocket, seal it off, and snap away. It’s much more cost effective and protects more than a $100 Otterbox phone case.

Portable Speaker: Perfect for any occasion, from quiet meditation sounds to pumping up the party, a portable speaker is an essential on-the-go piece. Getting ready to go out? You will use the speaker. Sitting by the beach? You will use the speaker. Turning up by yourself? You will definitely need the speaker. Your resort may be all inclusive but not when it comes to a pop up party. Be there to save the day. 

Clothing Necessities:

Two Bathing Suits: At the very minimum. The humidity is 80% or more on the island. Your swimsuit will most likely not dry overnight. If you don’t mind putting on wet swimsuits, then maybe nix this step. If you're like me and prefer dry swimsuits, and cute outfits for every picture then trade off swimsuits each day so you can feel dry and ready to go! Ultimately, since it is so humid, your swimsuit is your outfit. No one wants to be an outfit repeater, so pack double! 

Tennis Shoes: Beach fronts scream flip flops, but don’t forget a decent pair of athletic shoes that you don’t mind getting wet. There are so many tours and adventures you can sign up for. Zip lining, ATVing, or waterfall repelling activities are just a few amongst the expansive list of excursions that you’ll need closed toe shoes. If you are looking for underwater adventures, a majority of the time you can go barefoot, but water shoes may not be a bad purchase if you can find them cheap enough. 

Waterproof backpack: These are perfect for excursions and walking along the beach. I tend to prefer the smaller ones because they provide enough room for the essentials: money, phone, water. I am a pack rat; if there is space, I will fill it. I HIGHLY suggest waterproof because you never know what kind of weather conditions you’ll be walking into, or if your activity has a little more moisture than expected. 

Hat: If you can pull off the floppy hat look I say please go for it because the more shade the better. You will for sure want something to shade your face. Whether you are doing an excursion or reading a book by the beach, a shaded face is a protected face. 

Do you have any essentials you take on your vacations? Comment them below! 

Safe Travels!


  1. Really useful article and list. I'm out of the age bracket but it's still useful!

  2. Great suggestions for travellers of every age!

  3. Very practical tips! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I nodded at the "Selfie Stick". There were definitely times when I wish I had one when traveling!

  5. Very good ideas!! I just got back from Mexico and hand lotion really came in handy!

  6. Sunscreen. Never forget your sunscreen because it's either the nearby stores don't sell them if the place is kind of isolated or they sell it twice as much.

  7. Great tips ! Will definitely refer to this list when I go traveling next time :)

  8. Water proof for the win. In fact it's the most important. I got a selfie stick but lost it in my move :(

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