The New Years Resolution I Totally Forgot About

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I didn't do a halfway check in with my New Years resolutions because I forgot about all of them. Some made it until the end of February, some barely made it to the second week of January, but one of them I followed through with until I forgot about it. Typical, right? But the only reason I forgot about it, is because I made it a habit. It was like second nature. Stuck to my guns. I didn't need to remind myself of the routine I had developed through repetition. Now, here I am, nine months later, still killing one of the resolutions I made back in January.

Okay, so what is the resolution that was able to come out on top above all of the other ones, you may ask?

I call it the 2/3 rule.

1. Hair

2. Makeup

3. Outfit

The formula goes like this...

Mainly, at the bare minimum, I have to do two of the three concepts listed before I can leave my house for the day. For example, I can do my hair and put on a-rockin' outfit if I don't feel like putting on my make up. Another variation is bumming my gear but ensuring my hair and makeup are looking right.  Of course, I would like to strive for all three every day but life happens, and you don't always have time for that. Some days I do achieve that level of greatness. My 3/3 makes me feel like a 10/10!  Man, who knew fractions could be so empowering.

Ever since starting this little goal of mine I have to say my confidence level has jumped from a five to a nine. Not that I wasn't confident in myself before, but there is something to be said about putting your best foot forward on a daily basis.

After going through my photo roll and trying to pick out some pictures for this blog, I realized I favor having a cute outfit and doing my hair while not committing to my make up.

I try to focus on the stronger concepts I zero in on for the day. I like to think the idea I don't give the proper amount of attention to is an opportunity. It's not a weakness because my hair, make-up, and outfit all have potential.

These are some of the different variations I have come up with!

2/3: Hair and Make-Up= Strength, Outfit = Opportunity

I throw on a basic shirt with leggings or shorts and call it a day. In the meantime, I take a little extra time to curl my hair and my eyelashes. 

2/3: Hair and Outfit = Strength, Make-Up= Opportunity

I take a little extra time to plan out an outfit and some accessories before heading out. Also, doing your hair doesn't mean you have to go ALL OUT with it. In the top photo, all I did was straighten it but rode my head of some natural waves. 

2/3: Make-Up and Outfit = Strength, Hair = Opportunity

Here is where I keep my natural hair but not a natural face. I might throw on a pair of heeled boots to dress up an outfit if I cant find the right accessory.  

3/3: Hair, Make-up, Outfit = Strength

On those 3/3 days, I feel like Fat Amy after she belted out "Since You've Been Gone" and nailed it. You don't have to be a ten every day, and as long as you are willing to accept that you're still pretty great at 2/3, you might be surprised at how much more often you want to keep up your appearance.  If it makes you feel beautiful, then do it!

What do you do to make yourself feel confident?


  1. Love your 2/3 rule! I find that I do feel better about myself if 1. I have makeup on, 2. my hair is not in a horrible half assed ponytail! 3. If I don't have on workout pants, I'm dressy!

  2. When I want to feel better about myself, I train Muay Thai or spend time on my yoga mat or go for a really long power walk. I'm blessed with curly hair and don't need to spend time on it. Make up? Lip gloss or chapstick and I'm good to go. Outfit? nearly always casual. Feeling good on the outside is a natural manifestation of feeling fantastic on the inside!

  3. Normally for work, I skip the makeup and hair, just shower and put a nice outfit on. Lol. But this post made me laugh...and I think I have been living by this rule without meaning to! Haha...but seriously, whose got time for all 3? lol


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